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23 Jun 2022
@ministerofpropaganda:minds.comTrafficker of Information
In reply to @medworthy:minds.com

Trafficker of Information,
I have just looked through the offical Minds channel's blog section and the support platform, as well as the /pro, /plus and /boost marketing pages, and cannot find anything that is directly related to any limits on boosting apart from the "5000 total views accumulated across all boosted content per day" statement that is displayed within the "rate limits" support article.


  • "Rate Limits" Minds Support Article

  • Boost Marketing Page

  • Minds Pro Marketing Page

  • Minds+ Marketing Page

  • Minds Channel's Blog Section

I see, thank you
24 Jun 2022
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25 Jun 2022
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26 Jun 2022
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27 Jun 2022
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@realmindschan:minds.comPhoebe Aurum
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Do not post stuff like that here.
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28 Jun 2022
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@realmindschan:minds.comPhoebe Aurum
In reply to @mariajana:minds.com
Hello, I registered with the aim of meeting nice people in order to confide in them. I also wish to invest myself financially in your various projects. For more details please contact me by: mariejane204710@gmail.com
Do not post stuff like that here.
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29 Jun 2022
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