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24 Jan 2022
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25 Jan 2022
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@_discord_191304757195833344:t2bot.ioeyecon#5112 Does a nimble install from GitHub get the latest tagged version if there is no version, tag or commit information? I lost one hour assuming it would be the head. 15:44:11
@_discord_570268431522201601:t2bot.iomratsim#9204 yes there is some trickery here that always confuse people. 15:44:46
@_discord_570268431522201601:t2bot.iomratsim#9204 we removed tags due to this. 15:44:54
@_discord_570268431522201601:t2bot.iomratsim#9204 you need to append #head or #branch-name to the URL 15:45:08
@_discord_191304757195833344:t2bot.ioeyecon#5112 Understood, thanks 15:45:22
@_discord_191304757195833344:t2bot.ioeyecon#5112 Tag also works instead of a branch name, tight? 15:46:10
@_discord_191304757195833344:t2bot.ioeyecon#5112 * Tag also works instead of a branch name, right? 15:46:17
@_discord_570268431522201601:t2bot.iomratsim#9204 I don't remember but I tihnk so 15:46:42
@_discord_191304757195833344:t2bot.ioeyecon#5112 Ok, I'll try, thanks again 15:46:52
@_discord_570268431522201601:t2bot.iomratsim#9204 it should be mentioned in the README. 15:47:23
@_discord_191304757195833344:t2bot.ioeyecon#5112 It is, apparently, mentioned; turns out I can't read
Nimble always fetches and installs the latest version of a package. Note that the latest version is defined as the latest tagged version in the Git (or Mercurial) repository, if the package has no tagged versions then the latest commit in the remote repository will be installed. If you already have that version installed, Nimble will ask you whether you wish to overwrite your local copy.
A branch, tag, or commit hash may also be specified in the place of head.
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26 Jan 2022
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