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Let's use this to discuss all Nim tooling. For example Nimble, Atlas, and various editor integrations. Relayed to #nimble on libera.chat and #tooling in our Discord18 Servers

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18 Apr 2024
@_discord_300050030923087872:t2bot.iohuantian changed their profile picture.03:13:15
@_discord_298392862305812480:t2bot.ioaryzen does refactoring/renaming/etc not work with the vscode plugin? 07:39:15
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19 Apr 2024
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@_discord_745944009918251010:t2bot.ioHamid_BluriRedacted or Malformed Event15:27:32
@_discord_745944009918251010:t2bot.ioHamid_Bluri I guess it does not work across project, but it works within the file 15:27:38
@_discord_298392862305812480:t2bot.ioaryzen It doesn’t seem to work even in a single file, but I am importing something in that file 15:29:16
@_discord_305785071489515540:t2bot.iokots in my experience, like most things related to nimsuggest, it's hit or miss 15:34:43
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@_discord_298392862305812480:t2bot.ioaryzen I saw an issue on the vscode nim plugin that they’re moving to lsp, but I can’t find any option to change. Would that make refactoring better? 15:37:48
@_discord_305785071489515540:t2bot.iokots if youre using the official nim plugin, it already uses the lsp, but it's all nimsuggest underneath. give it a try if you haven't 15:39:04
@_discord_298392862305812480:t2bot.ioaryzen I am using the official one 15:43:20
@_discord_298392862305812480:t2bot.ioaryzen Maybe I’ve broken something then 15:43:23
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20 Apr 2024
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@_discord_1031590276667539496:t2bot.iobasilajith How can I just turn off nimsuggest in VS Code? I tried going to the settings to disable it. But every time I open a nim file, it is enabled automatically. 04:06:12
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21 Apr 2024
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