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11 Nov 2019
23:52:04@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz PitchcontraLa ilaha il Allah
23:52:25@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontra
thinking everyone who says something you don't understand must be a boomer
23:52:31@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz PitchcontraOK zoomer
23:53:07@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz PitchcontraLil Pitchcontra boutta randomize your parietal lobe
23:53:56@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Didk what ur saying
23:54:01@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Ddont be a boomer buy a defuser
23:54:08@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontra1024px-James_D_Watson.jpg
23:54:13@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz PitchcontraRemember what this man said
23:54:16@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontra"NO FATTIES"
23:54:22@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dis that the lobotomy guy
23:54:33@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz PitchcontraNo that's one of the people who helped to discover DNA
23:54:53@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Ddang I was thinking of james watts
23:55:04@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz PitchcontraOn the issue of obesity, Watson was quoted in 2000, saying: "Whenever you interview fat people, you feel bad, because you know you're not going to hire them."
23:55:27@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Ddo you just talk to fill the void or wat
23:55:49@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontrathat's what your mom said
23:55:51@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontrait didn't work
23:55:53@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontrahere you are
23:56:27@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dlol
23:56:36@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dboomer confirmed
23:56:48@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontrai don't think you know what a boomer is
23:56:57@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontrait's not a subjective term
23:57:04@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontrawords have objective meanings
23:57:13@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dok boomer
23:57:14@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontradespite whatever you read on facebook
23:57:26@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D
In reply to @jdzeckor:matrix.org
despite whatever you read on facebook
ok, boomer
23:57:42@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontradon't worry champ, you'll get one in
23:57:44@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontrasome day
23:58:03@jdzeckor:matrix.orgIllyawz Pitchcontraanyways enjoy hell
15 Nov 2019
00:05:48@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D changed their display name from Stephen D to Stephen D :eyes:.
00:07:13@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D changed their display name from Stephen D :eyes: to Stephen D.

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