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28 Nov 2022
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) They're on local storage too? 08:43:36
In reply to @robolox:matrix.org
It should be 1 min ... I think 
It's actually updated as soon as they are uploaded (https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/blob/dev/app/Services/MediaStorageService.php#L107) but the status objects may still be cached
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one)
In reply to @robolox:matrix.org
If I restart the server Site starts to work fine ... After a few minutes. . IT'S unreachable again ... Nginx , Pixelfed Service ... Everything is up and running 🏃‍♂️. ..
Any Idea about this ?
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one)SmartSelect_20221128-142620_Termux.jpg
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In reply to @robolox:matrix.org
They're on local storage too?
Remote media will be stored on S3 if enabled (they are briefly stored locally, but deleted once S3 upload is finished https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/blob/dev/app/Services/MediaStorageService.php#L186), otherwise we don't store remote media locally
In reply to @robolox:matrix.org
Any Idea about this ?
not sure what you mean, you restart and nothing works?
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) It works after restarting ...  08:48:49
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) After few minutes it goes unreachable again  08:49:16
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) Memory usage is 56% ... And CPU usage is also okay ...  08:54:44
@dansup:matrix.orgdansupHmm, ill look into this08:55:13
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) My server is offline now 🙂... although everything is up and running (nginx, pixelfed.service , php-fpm) 08:56:02
@dansup:matrix.orgdansupare you restarting php-fpm too?08:58:05
@dansup:matrix.orgdansupProbably a configuration issue, make sure the services are all running08:58:36
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one)
In reply to @dansup:matrix.org
Probably a configuration issue, make sure the services are all running
Yeah.. All services are running 
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one)SmartSelect_20221128-150036_Termux.jpg
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@dragfyre:matrix.orgdragfyreY'all are up so late09:10:04
@edendestroyer:matrix.orgedendestroyer2:40pm at my place :pp09:10:30
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one)
In reply to @dragfyre:matrix.org
Y'all are up so late
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one)SmartSelect_20221128-152306_Vivaldi Browser.jpg
Download SmartSelect_20221128-152306_Vivaldi Browser.jpg
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) Already using PHP 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.9 09:24:48
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) It might be a issue with my network 😕  09:25:07
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) I use cellular data ... 09:25:19
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) That issue only happens when I turn off the Internet ..  09:25:59
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one)
In reply to @robolox:matrix.org
sent an image.
Never saw this error before... 
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) It only happened once .. 09:27:39
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) It's not a server side problem ... 😕  09:31:40
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) Works fine after using vpn 09:31:58
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) Thank you again @dansup ... Just hoping you'll be able to implement  a solution to remove files from local storage before I run out of storage 😁 09:33:48
@robolox:matrix.orgNeo (NixOrigin.one) Any way to change "Photo sharing for everyone" (in Login page) to something else ? Maybe the title we use in about page can also be used here ? 12:57:34

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