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16 Jan 2020
16:10:08@kvark:matrix.orgkvark zakorgy: ^^^
23:14:00@lucasmarcos:matrix.orglucasmarcos joined the room.
17 Jan 2020
12:41:44@groves:matrix.orggrovesA few mentions of gfx in https://www.khronos.org/assets/uploads/apis/Vulkan-1-2-Launch_Jan20.pdf
13:25:52@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkThat's a cool table!
13:26:07@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkGotta add WebGPU there soon ;)
19 Jan 2020
11:50:26@krolli:matrix.orgkrolli What toolchain version should I be using for formatting of gfx and portability? After a bit of experimenting, it seems that gfx is using nightly, but I'm not sure I'm using correct version, since it still makes many changes when running cargo fmt over whole workspace.
12:56:03@krolli:matrix.orgkrolliAlso, I noticed portability master is quite a bit behind gfx master. Is there a branch that is up-to-date with it? Or would a PR that updates it be interesting?
14:30:39@groves:matrix.orggroves krolli: Nightly should be fine, it probably hasn't been formatted in a while but it would be good to fix this
14:31:50@groves:matrix.orggrovesA PR updating portability to the latest gfx would be great! Hopefully there haven't been too many API changes since the last update, I know it's been a while
20 Jan 2020
21:52:46@fabianbergmark:matrix.orgfabianbergmark joined the room.
21:53:23@fabianbergmark:matrix.orgfabianbergmarkIs this the right place to ask wgpu questions?
21:53:52@kvark:matrix.orgkvark fabianbergmark: this is fine, the #wgpu:matrix.org is even better
22:56:20@hansihe:matrix.orghansihe joined the room.
22:58:07@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheHey, I need to enable some additional extensions in the vulkan/gl backends. Would a contribution to make extension selection more configurable be welcome or is there a specific reason why things are as static as they are?
22:58:47@hansihe:matrix.orghansihe set their display name to hansihe.
22:59:08@kvark:matrix.orgkvark hansihe: is it just a flag?
23:01:15@kvark:matrix.orgkvark roughly speaking, we'd need a feature bit to be added to Features bitflags, and the appropriate structures to be updated. We don't have pNext chains, so everything needs to be backed in
23:05:08@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheThere is no real support provided for instance extensions, is there?
23:06:40@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheI need VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
23:07:51@kvark:matrix.orgkvark Can it be implemented over everything?
23:08:21@hansihe:matrix.orghansihewhat do you mean?
23:08:50@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkI.e. can we just have these new fields and structs on all backend, unconditionally ?
23:15:01@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheWell, I don't actually need the features of the extensions exposed in gfx, I need to interact with another API that required me to use an instance which has that extension
23:15:18@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheA bit of a weird use case, but yeah
23:29:34@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkSo you need to know about this at the time an instance is created?
23:40:04@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheI could have it behind a feature flag if that is what you mean
23:40:27@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheI know I need the extension ahead of time
23:42:59@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkfeature flag would be unfortunate, since it requires us to build&test with and without the flag, but it's indeed an option
23:43:14@kvark:matrix.orgkvark you could also add another public constructor to the gfx_backend_vulkan::Instance struct
23:43:41@hansihe:matrix.orghansiheThat seems like a good option

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