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30 Sep 2023
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses those things are so shitty 00:56:14
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses the bootloader is locked down 00:56:19
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 $700 thinkpads :( 00:56:22
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses it becomes ewast after they stop supporting it 00:56:31
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 i hate chrome books 00:56:34
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses * it becomes ewaste after they stop supporting it 00:56:36
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 my school has them 00:56:38
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 and i hate it 00:56:39
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 the DE is so ass 00:56:46
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses chrome os is becoming more like normal linux 00:57:04
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses they are gonna use wayland 00:57:15
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses probably to save money 00:57:23
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses on the bright side google's evil devs might make wayland better 00:57:46
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 😭 00:59:19
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 also 00:59:21
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 im debating rn 00:59:24
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 this 16gb ram stick is $33 but the 32gb stick is $22 more at $55 01:00:34
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.iogustusy#0 do u think its worth it paying the extra $22 for double the ram 01:00:46
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses if you can afford it 01:01:36
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses the last of us remake wants 16gb 01:04:41
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses that is stupid 01:04:57
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses like they do not even bother to optimize games anymore 01:05:10
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses lazy bastards 01:05:14
@_discord_272835246272020481:t2bot.iodbrox I mean, they only have the incentive to optimize the games if they want them to run on devices like phones... 01:28:25
@_discord_272835246272020481:t2bot.iodbrox or the switch 01:28:26
@_discord_272835246272020481:t2bot.iodbrox 01:28:35
@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioholysses fuck phones 01:31:37
@_discord_852681419281268776:t2bot.iosnacqk_fanboy the devs at google are good 02:25:01
@_discord_852681419281268776:t2bot.iosnacqk_fanboy the project leaders are bad 02:25:05
@_discord_852681419281268776:t2bot.iosnacqk_fanboy so much talent wasted on ads 02:25:15

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