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18 Jun 2021
@tinita:matrix.orgtinitai'm wondering why the OBS package build check doesn't start, though14:03:19
@tinita:matrix.orgtinitaoh right, probably because jenkins is dead right now14:05:19
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosworkshop has started!14:07:08
@tinita:matrix.orgtinita Kevin: congrats, your first PR was merged 🎉 19:21:20
19 Jun 2021
@okurz:matrix.orgokurz[m] Sasi Olin: 12:54:52
@okurz:matrix.orgokurz[m] Sasi Olin: seems like the bridging to https://discord.com/channels/366985425371398146/817367056956653621 is broken 12:55:14
@picipicidae:matrix.orgpicipicidae left the room.18:15:38
21 Jun 2021
@rumo:matrix.orgcdywangood morning 🍵07:19:27
@bill_blee:matrix.orgbill_bleemorning ☕️08:14:55
@rumo:matrix.orgcdywandaily in 5 on https://meet.opensuse.org/suse_qa_tools08:27:16
@rumo:matrix.orgcdywan Kevin: are you joining? 08:31:49
@the__kevin:matrix.orgKevinYes, Joining in a few08:33:52
@rumo:matrix.orgcdywan Kevin: https://progress.opensuse.org/issues/94315 have a look 09:00:21
In reply to @rumo:matrix.org
Kevin: https://progress.opensuse.org/issues/94315 have a look
btw Kevin, do you have a working openSUSE account? I'd like you to take the ticket i.e. assign it to yourself and put it to In Progress
@rumo:matrix.orgcdywanand once you have a PR you can mention it there10:50:09
@rumo:matrix.orgcdywan(this is part of our regular process, just repeating it here as a reminder)10:50:44
@the__kevin:matrix.orgKevinLet me do that. :)11:06:19
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosdoes anyone know what host os most workers on o3 and osd are running?11:06:54
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosLeap or SLE?11:07:12
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolos does anyone know why is_shutdown() receives other arguments besides $self? 11:47:13
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolos I have tried to use Mojo signatures for is_shutdown() like this: sub is_shutdown($self) { .... } and now suddenly the backend process dies with: 11:48:08
[2021-06-21T13:22:41.566 CEST] [info] ::: backend::baseclass::die_handler: Backend process died, backend errors are reported below in the following lines:
  Too many arguments for subroutine 'backend::vagrant::is_shutdown' at ../os-autoinst/backend/baseclass.pm line 90.

so I changed it to is_shutdown($self, $args) {} and $args appears to be stuff like this:

$VAR1 = {
          'json_cmd_token' => 'RFJHfMCG',
          'cmd' => 'backend_is_shutdown'
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosis that intentional?11:50:01
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosevery backend that I checked does not appear to use this at all11:50:15
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolos okurz[m]: cdywan ☝️ you guys got an idea? 12:02:03
In reply to @defolos:matrix.org
Leap or SLE?
Leap 15.2
@okurz:matrix.orgokurz[m] @defolos these are additional argument passed over the RPC endpoints. 16:56:58
@okurz:matrix.orgokurz[m]I don't know if we need this. If you want to introduce signatures you should be aware of my current PR https://github.com/os-autoinst/os-autoinst/pull/1696 . You could try ($self, $args, @) to catch all additional arguments16:59:55

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