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14 Dec 2018
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15 Dec 2018
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19 Dec 2018
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23 Dec 2018
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26 Dec 2018
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20 Jan 2019
06:15:40@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_e joined the room.
06:15:51@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_ehello old friends
06:20:30@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_eI am trying to sign in to my very old supernet account
06:20:42@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_eit's asking me for a pin... I never made a pin before, I only have a seed
06:20:47@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_ewhat to do?
06:23:22@ca33:matrix.orgca333 mr_e: which wallet (version) are you using?
06:23:42@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_ethe client that's on the website now
06:24:08@ca33:matrix.orgca333which website?
06:24:22@polycryptoblog:matrix.orgpolycryptoblogOh wow that’s old MGW wallet
06:24:46@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_elinked from here: http://old.supernet.org/download.php
06:24:53@mr_e:matrix.orgmr_ebut now I see the old in the url
06:25:07@ca33:matrix.orgca333this is all outdated - everything moved to https://komodoplatform.com
06:26:32@polycryptoblog:matrix.orgpolycryptoblogWhat coin are you trying to access
06:27:16@polycryptoblog:matrix.orgpolycryptoblogNxt lite wallets went down awhile ago
06:37:10@polycryptoblog:matrix.orgpolycryptoblogBest bet is to run a full node and use your seed. If you had MGW coins , maybe out of luck as it closed over a year ago, asset swaps as well to kmd assetchain happened over a year ago
26 Jan 2019
18:44:08@ca33:matrix.orgca333 set a profile picture.
27 Jan 2019
15:37:59@d3vnil:matrix.org@d3vnil:matrix.org left the room.
17 Feb 2019
14:43:00@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh1 set a profile picture.

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