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A not-for-profit initiative being built by an open community that is passionate about spreading the Love of Learning. Our purpose is to contribute to the empowerment and upliftment of the Global South through partnerships and collaboration that enable ubiquitous access to high-quality, low-cost learning opportunities. To this end, we develop free (libre) software and hardware learning tools and make them highly accessible.1 Servers

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13 Mar 2017
08:49:17@_neb_guggy:matrix.orgGuggy joined the room.
08:49:47@4eek:matrix.orgkevin invited @_neb_google:matrix.orgGoogle.
08:49:47@_neb_google:matrix.orgGoogle joined the room.
08:50:08@4eek:matrix.orgkevin invited @_neb_wikipedia:matrix.orgWikipedia.
08:50:09@_neb_wikipedia:matrix.orgWikipedia joined the room.
08:50:35@4eek:matrix.orgkevin invited @_neb_imgur:matrix.orgImgur.
08:50:35@_neb_imgur:matrix.orgImgur joined the room.
08:51:48@4eek:matrix.orgkevin!guggy So Cool!
08:51:49@_neb_guggy:matrix.orgGuggySo Cool!
So Cool!
08:52:19@4eek:matrix.orgkevinRedacted or Malformed Event
08:52:52@4eek:matrix.orgkevin!giphy Success!
08:53:52@4eek:matrix.orgkevinOh nice! The gifs only animate when you roll over them!
09:06:21@4eek:matrix.orgkevin set a profile picture.
09:08:41@4eek:matrix.orgkevinShould we enable end-to-end encryption?
09:09:20@jamieg:matrix.org@jamieg:matrix.orgwe can but new comers I think dont have access to history
09:10:57@4eek:matrix.orgkevinYa, I think that's okay actually. Feel encryption is worth it for everyones sakes.
09:11:50@4eek:matrix.orgkevinCool ;) Activating now...
09:13:36@4eek:matrix.orgkevin changed the history visibility to "invited" from "world_readable".
13 Jan 2018
12:29:32@4eek:matrix.orgkevin changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "invited".
12:34:08@4eek:matrix.orgkevin set their display name to Kevin.
12:35:24Room Avatar Renderer.
12:35:56@4eek:matrix.orgkevin changed the room name to "Open4e" from "open4e".
3 Feb 2018
08:42:07@4eek:matrix.orgkevin invited @vlei:matrix.orgjamie.
08:42:22@vlei:matrix.orgjamie joined the room.
12 Nov 2018
04:30:01@4eek:matrix.orgkevin changed their display name from Kevin to kgf.
04:33:43@4eek:matrix.orgkevin changed their display name from kgf to 4eek.
18 Feb 2019
14:49:47@4eek:matrix.orgkevin changed their display name from 4eek to kevin.

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