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18 Oct 2018
In reply to Dj Zupy (Telegram)
Also extremely cool 👍
08:08:51@telegram_436987245:t2bot.io@telegram_436987245:t2bot.ioAlso also so cool 😂
08:17:24@telegram_537511725:t2bot.ioMardi (Telegram)
In reply to rid (Telegram)
You mean the dashboard for the current crust test? https://crusttest.maidsafe.net/
no but it's good to see that lol
08:30:53@telegram_369355692:t2bot.ioDj Zupy (Telegram)
In reply to WhiteOut Mashups (Telegram)
Also also so cool 😂
Hahaha thanks man
In reply to Mardi (Telegram)
no but it's good to see that lol
Maybe important to mention that this is a test for one (two if you separate between tcp and udp) way of becoming part of the farmers network with zero additional configuration of your home router - just plug and play - since there are additional mechanisms to connect the probability to not having to do any configuration of your router will even be better than those numbers and if you don't want to earn safecoin as farmer but just be a user of the network this is not relevant to you and you'll just fire up your app and connect to safe 🤷‍♀
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20:39:47@safenetforum:matrix.orgSAFE Network Forum @maidsafe posted in SAFE Network Dev Update - October 18, 2018
Summary Here are some of the main things to highlight this week: The first version of the Crust Test will be going offline tomorrow morning. Before releasing the next test, we’d like to work on a co...
19 Oct 2018
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23:58:30@telegram_524760465:t2bot.io@telegram_524760465:t2bot.io Here is Today's Link:

20 Oct 2018
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