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19 Feb 2019
21:48:34@telegram_212666209:t2bot.ioZee (Telegram)
In reply to Anexin Wilson (Telegram)
If the wifi Or Bluetooth in our smartphone could be turned into am radio waves. Couldn't it connect the entire world via mesh
It can't though
22:32:58@telegram_774781339:t2bot.ioAndrew P. (Telegram) joined the room.
22:39:11@telegram_91297436:t2bot.io@telegram_91297436:t2bot.ioWell... The downside ofc would be the power needed for long range connections and the limited bandwidth 🤷‍♂ so it might be beneficial (and closer to the idea of mesh nets I would think) to just use the WiFi and Bluetooth connections to create a global mesh network 🧐
22:42:23@telegram_531699652:t2bot.ioJay Jay • Core (Telegram) joined the room.
22:43:20@telegram_531699652:t2bot.ioJay Jay • Core (Telegram)Hello SAFE community! I tried sending an email to the PR email address but it bounced back.. Does anyone have an email address I can send an email to?
22:48:03@telegram_91297436:t2bot.io@telegram_91297436:t2bot.io Outreach@maidsafe.net
22:48:58@telegram_531699652:t2bot.ioJay Jay • Core (Telegram)
In reply to rid (Telegram)
Awesome, thank you @riddim!
22:49:06@telegram_531699652:t2bot.ioJay Jay • Core (Telegram)
In reply to rid (Telegram)
awesome, thank you!
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20 Feb 2019
06:33:53@telegram_336549163:t2bot.ioVirtual Person (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
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12:15:08@telegram_687835777:t2bot.ioWendy Augustine (Telegram) joined the room.
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13:34:52@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgbanned@telegram_734393769:t2bot.ioMike Eddie (Telegram).
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18:11:35@telegram_524760465:t2bot.ioSalvorin Fex (Telegram) Here's Today's Link of the Day:

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21 Feb 2019
02:01:56@telegram_782875744:t2bot.io@telegram_782875744:t2bot.io joined the room.
02:01:56@telegram_782875744:t2bot.io@telegram_782875744:t2bot.io Forwarded message from 空 投 7万 币
❤️ 领币啦,人人有份 ,不领白 不领 赚2万多 ❤️
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