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14 Dec 2017
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19:05:12@safenetforum:matrix.orgSAFE Network Forum @maidsafe posted in MaidSafe Dev Update - December 14, 2017
Peruse (the custom browser that will eventually replace SAFE Browser) has been updated, you can download the latest version here. It adds localhost support, as well as the ability to open http links in your clearnet browser of choice automatically. [image] Keep in mind that this is a proof of concept and has a few known limitations: Placeholder authenticator messages (the prompt doesn’t show t...
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20:54:26@kriso37:matrix.orgkriso37hey there i still aint popped by btc cherry but getting there. anyone tell me if i should be worried about hitbtc exchange not allowing withdrawals due to forking today? i'm hoping this will be fixed. need to withdraw my MAID to my wallet. Anyone? Thanks :))
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15 Dec 2017
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00:39:41@freenode_johntramp:matrix.orgjohntramp (IRC)forking of what?
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02:28:55@_slack_safenetwork_U6E6YASR5:matrix.orgbigaRoyal Fork Buffet
02:29:14@_slack_safenetwork_U6E6YASR5:matrix.orgbigabut ya.... what?
04:52:56@freenode_johntramp:matrix.orgjohntramp (IRC)tig
04:53:16@freenode_johntramp:matrix.orgjohntramp (IRC) ah, sorry that's not my terminal....
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