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26 May 2018
07:18:55@_slack_safenetwork_U5DT5AEFR:matrix.orgg3neral_grievous Guys are there any resources for understanding parsec that don't require you to be a scholar?
07:29:22@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostdoid you read the medium article?
07:29:34@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostyou really just cant make it simpler than that
07:29:53@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostat some point you need to learn the foundations of how computers and network work if you actually want to understand it fully
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09:03:42@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid (Telegram)Maidsafe is working on an explanation video I think
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09:06:38@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostcant even imagine the video library thats going to be needed to really bootstrap low-tech peoples understanding of all the functions of the safe network
09:06:44@telegram_151540780:t2bot.ioRaphael (Telegram) Reply to rid (Telegram):
Maidsafe is working on an explanation video I think

Yep, they said... release is planned for the next week(s)

09:06:46@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghosthave no doubt it will be beautiful though
09:06:49@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostthey have great designers for the past few videos now
09:10:14@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid (Telegram)Haha - yeah won't be easy but I'm curious how that will work
09:13:37@telegram_332596730:t2bot.ioThomas (Telegram)It should always be possible to simplify complicated topics
09:14:00@telegram_332596730:t2bot.ioThomas (Telegram)Look for example how Ray Dalio made that video about the economic machine
09:14:13@telegram_330547889:t2bot.ioThreeSteps (Telegram)They have a podcast online eh guys
09:14:38@telegram_330547889:t2bot.ioThreeSteps (Telegram)Really worth listening too and share it! 😍
09:17:53@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid (Telegram) Reply to Miles Albert (Telegram):
Interesting.... I’ll have to think about this more since it seems like a novel approach. I would have expected some sort of narrow version of proof of stake layered on top similar to how hashgraph protects against a Sybil attacks in a permissionless environment. Thanks for the response

For more information about prevention of a Sybil attack and node aging / secure relocation you can read the lengthy topic in the dev forum about it https://forum.safedev.org/t/data-chains-deeper-dive/1209

09:21:13@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghosti'd like to see a nice cartoony video showing an attack attempt and how unlikely it might be... something like showing numbers like you have 10,000 people running vaults, then you got this 1 bad guy (organization) so they need to bring another 3,300 nodes online
09:22:01@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostthen have to include things like waiting for aging, contributing actual resources to the network, and trying to figure out where the nodes are in XOR space, and THEN trying to located data chunks
09:22:21@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostjust think that would make a cool little beginner cartoon in general
09:23:34@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostmaybe titled "why is the SAFE network actually Safe? here's why..."

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