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22 Feb 2024
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumthere's literally a "what is a share link?' next to share links that if you hover over explains what it is....03:03:35
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumdocker compose this stuff up and get in there and take a look, would be my suggestion.03:03:46
@mayhembill:matrix.orgMayhemOh I'm dumb, chrome auto filled a password and I didn't realize so when I shared the link it asked to login 03:04:23
@mayhembill:matrix.orgMayhemThanks for your help chief 03:04:38
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumno problem.03:04:47
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumhave a good one03:04:58
23 Feb 2024
@5m5z3q888q5prxkg:chat.lightnovel-dungeon.deShane on Conduit.rs ⚡️ and Fractal 🦀️ changed their profile picture.03:28:34
@kristophr:chat.the-gathering.spacekristophrHey everyone, I'm seeing something weird. I'm using Vikunja via desktop app. Haven't tried web version (I should). I can update tasks, move things around, do whatever I need and its beatiful. I go to add a new task and just get "Not Found". Says I have to have a default project or go into the project I want to add it to. Which I do and get same error. This just started today - yesterday it was fine?21:28:38
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@kristophr:chat.the-gathering.spacekristophrhmm, web version works just fine21:29:35
24 Feb 2024
@kolaente:kolaente.deKonradDid you update anything since it stopped working?08:04:51
@kolaente:kolaente.deKonradIt's really wired that it only works for some routes08:05:04
25 Feb 2024
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumvikunja is popping these errors since I moved a second instance to the same server: ERROR ▶ handler/ReadAllWeb 1cdc Error 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'vikunja'@'' (using password: YES)13:58:54
@kolaente:kolaente.deKonradAre the two instances completely seperated? Did you maybe create a second user and set a different password in Vikunja's config but didn't change the password of the user?14:01:45
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumthey are completely seperated with differenct container names but I r ealized just now I left the service names the same so I am in theprocess of changing that to see if that it14:02:31
@kolaente:kolaente.deKonrad Did you set the container_name? 14:03:25
@kolaente:kolaente.deKonradIf you're using different docker compose files, you don't need to set that to get different container names14:03:42
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumyes I did and it's different and it is working. its the original that is popping the errors14:03:47
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumI'm using different docker compose files. I have my stuff organized docker dir then each sub dir is a seperate container all being exposed by traefik via labels14:05:36
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumI changed the service name to be unique now and I can't get it to happen so maybe it's soemthign stupid with that... I guess I have to wait and see if ti does it again14:06:07
@blumbalum:matrix.bupkis.xyzblumbalumI think it was probably that but I have no idea why, makes no sense to me. I've been beating on it on and off for the last two hours and it hasn't happened again.17:07:39
27 Feb 2024
@edward:matrix.orgEdward BettsWhen I add a new task with the title 'Phone call with Bob about our conversation last Thursday' Vikunja removes Thursday for the title and adds a due date of this coming Thursday. Can I stop it doing this?08:27:33
@edward:matrix.orgEdward Betts I think I've found the answer to my question. I need to disable Quick Add Magic Mode. 08:30:52
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28 Feb 2024
@topinambur:conduit.rsTopin⩜mbur⚡️ (er)#chatons:matrix.underworld.fr02:04:19
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29 Feb 2024
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