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9 Jul 2021
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteThe git integration of weblate is nice, but it just pushes all translations in the branch, regardless if they are approved or not07:38:56
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteand that makes the approval workflow pretty useless tbh07:39:14
@jazzyjames:matrix.orgjazzyjamesUnderstandable... considering there are lovely people out there who'd just faceroll the keyboard and gone is your translation...07:41:20
11 Jul 2021
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannesHi, currently I'm messing around with the Todoist integration but it dit not quite work. My domain is todo.xxx.de. Should I use this domain in the config for the field "redirecturl"? Or do I need to use todo.xxx.de/migrate/todoist?08:26:08
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannesnevermind, https://todo.xx.de/migrate/todoist needs to be set in the todoist api manager. It worked flawlessly 08:31:12
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohanneshm, seems to me that the repeated task property is not imported. is this expected?09:36:30
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannes * hm, seems to me that the repeated task property is not imported. is this expected?09:39:28
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteKind of, see https://kolaente.dev/vikunja/api/issues/897#issuecomment-1372209:48:32
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohanneshm ok, thanks.09:52:15
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannesI guess I would check every task manually after doing the switch from todoist as this is way too important for me 09:52:41
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannesanother question: did you chose to show the bucket title only in kanban mode? In todoist, those titles are called sections and are available in list mode, too.09:54:38
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteI think there's an item in the backlog for sections somewhere09:55:48
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteIMHO sections and kanban buckets are something different and should not show up as the same thing though ๐Ÿค” 09:56:19
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteI think todoist had sections before kanban so they just "recycled" sections into kanban when they built that feature?09:56:46
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannesyes they did09:56:53
In reply to @jrabensc:matrix.org
I guess I would check every task manually after doing the switch from todoist as this is way too important for me
Open to suggestions on how to solve this best ๐Ÿ™ƒ My problem is that I'm not using todoist very much (anymore) so I don't know the inner workings really well
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannesI would need to think about this. I think your approach is actually more reasonable. After reading /r/todoist for years now, a lof of users are mixing this up10:01:48
@jrabensc:matrix.orgJohannesthe best solution for this would be probably a config toggle to either chose reminder date or repeating date10:03:06

IMHO Vikunja should try to be adaptable to community clients

So we could have more clients for every OS, instead of just trying to adapt to sync with other apps or just the โ€œofficialโ€ one chosen by the creator

@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteWell the api is usable regardless of the client 10:46:05
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteSo if you want to build another client, go for it10:46:15
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteI just don't have the capacity to build more than one client (you can see how that played out with the flutter app)10:46:58
13 Jul 2021
In reply to @kolaente:matrix.org
Well the api is usable regardless of the client
I was just thinking, this may be true. However, with your latest addition of the fantastic Quick add feature which was implemented in the Frontend only, wouldn't it mean that an hypothetical desktop or mobile app which were to use Vikunja API couldn't access this feature ? Shouldn't it be implement directly in API, being such a crucial feature ? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteYeah in hindsight that would have been better09:40:31
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteI might migrate it one day, but that basically means reimplementing everything in Go09:41:06
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaente@room Translation is now happening at crowdin due to better approval workflows. Please go to https://crowdin.com/project/vikunja to continue translating Vikunja. All translations done before today in weblate are kept and imported in crowdin but new translations will not be synced.09:46:24
@kolaente:matrix.orgkolaenteSorry for the hassle (and the ping).09:46:36
14 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021
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