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22 Oct 2020
@dbrgn:matrix.coredump.chDaniloIt broadcasts measurement beacons using rubble. My goal is to receive them using a raspberry pi zero w.20:29:02
@jschievink:matrix.orgjschievinkcool :)20:29:53
@jessebraham:matrix.orgjessebrahamOoh neat!20:52:52
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsI wonder if I could get plated vias and hit those under pads by soldering the bottom and letting the solder melt through22:41:56
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunns(to avoid the need for an oven)22:42:32
@uep:matrix.orguepas per yesterday, can you even do it with an oven, without re-melting the existing SMT components?22:48:41
@uep:matrix.orguep(I have no clues, only concerns and questions :)22:50:12
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsUsually you use a lower temp solder for the second stage23:14:21
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsThat's what they do for soldering the bottom layer23:14:30
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsThough if you have a flat enough surface, remelting the existing solder isn't a problem23:15:12
@uep:matrix.orguepwell, see, that makes sense :)23:55:54
23 Oct 2020
@qdot:matrix.orgqdot joined the room.01:09:45
@qdot:matrix.orgqdotTime to ruin more rust channels.01:10:05
@qdot:matrix.orgqdot set a profile picture.01:11:32
@qdot:matrix.orgqdotCouldn't have emoji'd it better myself.01:15:49
@qdot:matrix.orgqdotThough funny enough my current nrf work is actually for my SFW dayjob, but I'm sure I'll find some way to turn this horribly NSFW very quickly.01:16:19
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsSomehow that is even more interesting for me :D01:16:43
In reply to @jamesmunns:matrix.org
(to avoid the need for an oven)

the E73 module could easily be hand-soldered. (I actually had to fix four pads by hand that didn't properly reflow because librepcb doesn't do proper thermal relief pads yet.

the SHTC3 however (and the SGP40 which I haven't yet used in this assembly) are DFN packages with a central pad that would be very hard to hand-solder. could be done with hot-air. but oven + stencil is much easier.

In reply to @uep:matrix.org
as per yesterday, can you even do it with an oven, without re-melting the existing SMT components?

those modules are usually made for reflow soldering. the datasheet at http://www.ebyte.com/en/product-view-news.aspx?id=243 even contains a suggested reflow soldering curve, which looks fairly standard.

note that with my pizza oven I just use the default curve and don't double-check the recommendations. but in practice, it has always worked out. solder at components on the module may melt, but the components are held in place by surface tension.

this is the first E73 module I've soldered in the oven, but I soldered dozens of voltage regulator modules like that and it always worked fine.

@dbrgn:matrix.coredump.chDaniloback to topic: the nrf-hal-common v0.11.1 crate depends on nb 1.0.0 and on e-h 0.2.4. however, e-h- 0.2.4 depends on nb 0.1.2... this results in non-compileable code for me. was this an oversight, or is there a workaround?08:31:14
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsDo a cargo update08:59:06
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsI've had that get stuck before, bit a cargo update seemed to put it right08:59:24
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsNb 0.1.3 does the semver trick with nb 1.0.009:00:00
@dbrgn:matrix.coredump.chDanilo jamesmunns: you're right, it did help :) thanks! 09:04:55

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