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31 May 2023
@kaddkaka:matrix.orgkaddkakaok Thanks! Got a cool funciton working, this is amazing, I sort of need to screencast 😎20:31:24
@kaddkaka:matrix.orgkaddkakaThe amazing power of matchdo/searchdo: https://asciinema.org/a/EVeArdXOtQqW3CpxfflHCU4z220:42:15
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The amazing power of matchdo/searchdo: https://asciinema.org/a/EVeArdXOtQqW3CpxfflHCU4z2
I got the code for the Matchdo function from AndrewRadev on my searchdo request at https://www.reddit.com/r/vim/comments/125dxi8/searchdo_a_friend_of_cdobufdowindo/
@kaddkaka:matrix.orgkaddkaka (:Matchdo is a sibling of :cdo etc., performing a command at each search match) 20:47:26
In reply to @seandewar:matrix.org
it has been ported already
@gpanders:matrix.orggpandersVimscript just gets better and better20:55:42
@gpanders:matrix.orggpanderslike a fine wine20:55:51
@diablo-d3:matrix.orgDiablo-D3so, for today's vim config masturbation, my popupify now detects VimResized and WinResized to automatically reshape the popup21:05:33
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1 Jun 2023
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@chda:matrix.orgp00f plugin/foo.lua is supported from 0.5 onwards right? 08:08:06

hi folks, quick question about plenary.async - If I have a function a that calls some async functions inside it automatically becomes async itself right? How can I then pass it into async.util.join? In order to do that I need to have it in some kind of lazy form so that the join can invoke it and await then.

scan_dir_async_new is my function that calls some await functions inside.
Should I call wrap on it and pass the callback inside? Like so:

local scan_tasks = {}
  for _, p in ipairs(context.paths_to_load) do
     local scan_task = async.wrap(function(_callback)
       scan_dir_async_new(context, p, _callback)
     end, 1)
     table.insert(scan_tasks, scan_task)



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plugin/foo.lua is supported from 0.5 onwards right?
In reply to@seandewar:matrix.org
@chda:matrix.orgp00fi shall make my plugin 0.5+ only after 0.10 is released08:56:07
@chda:matrix.orgp00fif you're still using 0.4 you can fuck off08:56:22
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@Patruska:matrix.orgDavide Pdoes anyone here use ddc.nvim? the completion plugin10:03:02
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@diablo-d3:matrix.orgDiablo-D3probably not.12:48:47
@vigoux:matrix.orgvigouxLink ?13:12:47
In reply to @seandewar:matrix.org
lol i already use vim.json
@chda:matrix.orgp00ftime to yeet the vimscr🤮pt16:17:18

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