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Creating Unofficial Builds of Lineage OS 13 for the Motorola X (2013)2 Servers

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30 Mar 2018
02:25:04@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00se changed their display name from gr4g00se to gr4yg00se.
02:45:40@cermetsmash:matrix.orgcermetsmash Hey so I'm new here and from that Reddit post. If you need testers I'll gladly be one, however I don't know if I'll be any real help other than that. Just thought I'd introduce myself.
02:49:54@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.city I'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as I get builds up. I don't think we'll exactly need to test anything, as of now at least. I'm just going to be implementing known fixes to CVEs.
02:52:57@cermetsmash:matrix.orgcermetsmashOh alright awesome
02:57:08@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00seRedacted or Malformed Event
02:58:24@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00se memelover: we'll be working on the cm13 branch right? (i just forked the repo you forked from lineage)
03:01:03@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.cityOf course
03:07:08@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00sewhich 170 do you have the patches for?
03:08:32@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00sewe can setup a bugzilla server to easily track issues for now, unless you've already set something up
03:17:55@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.cityI haven't set anything up yet, but I did notice that Lineage's bug tracker is on github. Though I don
03:18:02@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.city't know how to set it up.
03:16:38@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00seoh okay.. let me see if I can figure something out. Do you have the link to it?
08:16:57@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00se I think I have the cve tracker set up but I’m not sure how to make it publicly accessible. I’m running it on an ec2 instance. But it says running on local host
08:17:18@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00se Trying to figure out how to make it public
08:26:57@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00seOkay, it seems to be running on public now.. but I dont know what kind of requests it takes
08:54:11@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00se Okay it’s still bound to local. I can request locally and see the results. Idk what’s up with the public. I’ll check it later in the day.
09:30:48@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00se Okay got it to work on public. But it has raw json data. I don’t know how to put it into presentable data or how to accept post commands, etc. i can figure it out if I get help with that
15:12:45@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00se@memelover do you want to see the unformatted output?
15:13:42@gr4g00se:matrix.orggr4yg00seLater in the day I’m going to ask a friend (who knows web stuff) to help me get the desired output. If that doesn’t work out does anyone here know how to render json output (and also how to handle POST requests from the front, the back end doesn’t need much imo)
16:40:28@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.cityI do not know web stuff. But yeah, I can work with JSON for now.
18:09:25@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.citySo, the flashable zip looks a little weird to me, but if anyone wants to try installing it, it's on ghost.headpat.moe:8000. I haven't merged any patches yet - I just want this to serve as a baseline.
18:10:01@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.cityBut hey, at least it'll have an updated android security patch level.
31 Mar 2018
00:13:21@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.cityMy earlier statement about not needing testing was greatly flawed. One thing I didn't consider is that these patches might rely on prior patches that this kernel doesn't have. So we're going to need to run the kernel through testing before building, as this could make certain syscalls die, and end in a kernel panic. But yeah, I don't think we'll need testing on the device itself. Perhaps for the hardware specific patches.
03:07:29@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.cityThis is awfully confusing. I'm dry-running the patches en masse just to see what happens, and it appears that patches, listed on LineageOS's page mind you, don't apply to the phone. For example, there was a patch that fixed something for the arm64 architecture. This kernel doesn't support that, for obvious reasons. This is going to be more interesting than I thought.
17 Apr 2018
20:37:16@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.city Are any of you willing to put any work into this? I'm finding myself kinda busy, but I can share what I've learned so far if anyone wants to know. I do intend to do something with this project.

I tried flashing the signed zip last weekend, but with no success. The unsigned build works, though. I've no idea what the issue with signing the builds is.

17 Sep 2018
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31 Dec 2018
08:45:13@memelover69:banter.city@memelover69:banter.city left the room.

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