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15 Dec 2018
14:42:27@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <mcerveny> or here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1728237598/hubpixed-raspberry-pi-zero-hub-without-cable
14:47:40@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <mcerveny> "still being developed" (forever) ... but there is no release date ! I suspended some projects 6 month ago because I am waiting for Rock64 version 3 release ! :-((((
14:56:02@_discord_476183048937930762:t2bot.iomrfixit2001 Definitely understand that frustration. But the way I look at it is that I'd rather have a tested and polished product, than something I'm left to debugging hardware myself.
16:18:29@_discord_263996726078210048:t2bot.io_0x4d changed their display name from _0x4d to _0x4d#9858.
16:18:35@_discord_263996726078210048:t2bot.io_0x4d changed their display name from _0x4d#9858 to _0x4d.
16:52:58@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic so from the little i have seen in the logs there is still an issue with screen tearing..... is there any relitively easy fixes?
17:11:50@_discord_476183048937930762:t2bot.iomrfixit2001 I haven't experienced that issue yet. But I don't use windowing systems and stick to GBM instead. So maybe someone with X or Wayland experience can speak to that
18:09:59@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic hmm ok
18:10:10@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic what is gbm?
18:11:34@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic also would something like the emulation station (what the retropie distro is based on) and work in gbm
18:16:04@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic so gbm is just a method of using gui apps from the terminal or something? i cant really find much info on it...
18:16:30@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic with out the x11 or wayland windowing systems.....
19:10:41@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <newbie> Hi, I couldn't find any read/write benchmarks for RockPro64. Can anyone tell me the read/write speeds using usb3 and sata2?
19:31:43@_discord_476183048937930762:t2bot.iomrfixit2001 Martronic - when compiling retropie (emulationstation and retroarch and emulators) you can use compile flags for different graphics types. The Mali userspace blobs are available to us in GBM, X11, and Wayland. GBM means it won't use X11 or Wayland or any windowing system and render without them using framebuffer and gles
19:32:31@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic hmmm i see
19:34:14@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> https://forum.armbian.com/topic/7310-rockpro64/
19:34:41@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> newbie: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
19:34:45@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic for me to look at or?
19:36:25@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic oh its for the person who was looking for benchmarks
19:37:00@_discord_137363977893183489:t2bot.ioMartronic lol i didnt recognise that newbie was the name of a person .... took a minuet to register that
19:41:17@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <newbie> lol. Thanks. The other question is, should I use 3A for a single external hdd connected via usb3 or 5A (the hdd doesn't have power adapter)?
19:53:41@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> depends on what drive you using...
19:56:24@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> and depends on how much power the drive needs to perform flawlessly....
23:41:05@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <Pepe> tllim: Hello. Is there something new about Android 8 Oreo on eMMC. I mean this thread: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=6207&page=5 and also this one: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=6365
16 Dec 2018
00:37:09@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> Hi Pepe
00:37:46@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> there is SDboot for ROCK64 will be release on next week
00:38:57@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <Pepe> Good. Would be great if you can post it on the forum, so every curious people can look at it.
00:42:05@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> once release will post
00:42:29@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <Xalius> ah hi tllim
00:42:48@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> hi Xalius

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