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9 Apr 2020
16:04:05@_discord_504093846112567306:t2bot.ioCyvern left the room.
16:20:50@_discord_654456443147386883:t2bot.iosogilbert changed their display name from sogilbert to sogilbert#7968.
16:21:03@_discord_654456443147386883:t2bot.iosogilbert changed their display name from sogilbert#7968 to sogilbert.
17:00:00@_discord_547475121691164707:t2bot.ionuumio i don't think these any distributors in eu, at least i haven't heard of any. i've bought directly from pine
17:03:28@_discord_547475121691164707:t2bot.ionuumio and i have tried LSI SAS9201-8i adapters but didn't get them working. first there was kernel crashes and when i managed to (mostly) worked around crashes the controller seemed to be resetting all the time making all i/o too slow to be usable
17:04:52@_discord_547475121691164707:t2bot.ionuumio but that was quite some time ago and haven't tried any any recent kernels. not sure if i have tried my lsi ones with any 5.x kernels
17:43:43@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kabbone> @ayufan just tried your openmediavault 0.10.9, check the fstab, something went wrong in the build process at piping to there
17:47:52@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kabbone> ah just saw, you already fixed it yesterday with a54fbc5fc65beedb52e94718df7be0557284f50b
18:31:32@_discord_357294947545645058:t2bot.iotyrellwellick joined the room.
18:36:12@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_697877342558879757:t2bot.ioJohnnyBoi.
18:40:30@_discord_697877342558879757:t2bot.ioJohnnyBoi joined the room.
18:45:14@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ayufan> :P
18:59:31@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ayufan> I added patches for hdmi for uboot :)
18:59:36@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ayufan> pretty cool to see a prompt
19:10:27@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kabbone> Haha nice
19:11:10@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kabbone> unfortunately my RAM issues remain, I need to downclock it
19:14:09@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <FrankM> @ayufan: works ;)
19:47:37@_discord_651344092420243458:t2bot.ioAranym changed their display name from Aranym to Aranym#6729.
19:47:40@_discord_651344092420243458:t2bot.ioAranym changed their display name from Aranym#6729 to Aranym.
19:50:08@_discord_562745224154316800:t2bot.ioEduadro137 changed their display name from Eduadro137 to Eduadro137#3113.
19:50:09@_discord_562745224154316800:t2bot.ioEduadro137 changed their display name from Eduadro137#3113 to Eduadro137.
20:13:14@_discord_562745224154316800:t2bot.ioEduadro137 changed their display name from Eduadro137 to Eduadro137#3113.
20:13:18@_discord_562745224154316800:t2bot.ioEduadro137 changed their display name from Eduadro137#3113 to Eduadro137.
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22:38:36@_discord_542479789093683240:t2bot.ioMckenzie joined the room.
23:18:46@jowj:awful.clubjosiah joined the room.
23:40:52@_discord_514163441548656641:t2bot.iofoxtrot changed their display name from foxtrot to foxtrot#1337.
23:40:54@_discord_514163441548656641:t2bot.iofoxtrot changed their display name from foxtrot#1337 to foxtrot.
10 Apr 2020
00:15:38@_discord_337027657239756803:t2bot.ioMissingChip changed their display name from RetroCoder45 to MissingChip#1274.
00:15:41@_discord_337027657239756803:t2bot.ioMissingChip changed their display name from MissingChip#1274 to MissingChip.

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