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26 Nov 2020
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@TB> eth ports 22:42:47
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@pgwipeout> @TB It has two 10gig ports on a pcie card, before it had two 1gig ports on a pcie card. Onboard nic is for management only. 23:00:56
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@TB> and i doesn't throttle bandwidtth with two 10Gb ports? 23:03:31
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@TB> it* 23:03:59
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@pgwipeout> I do not know, as I have yet to be able to max it out.
One port is only gigabit, because it plugs into the router.
The other 10gig port feeds a 10gig switch with 48 one gig ports.
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@TB> yeah as for now with isp in a home env it's hard push 10 gb to it limit 23:08:59
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@TB> however if you stress the 10 Gb switch with local traffic 🙂 23:09:46
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@pgwipeout> I cpu bound iperf before it came close to the network limit. 23:18:20
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@pgwipeout> It handles 5gbps no issue though. 23:18:45
27 Nov 2020
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@logan2611> That seems pretty long. Is this OS dependent or is it fairly consistent? 00:36:06
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@logan2611> Also that's from power on to kernel start right? Not fully booted 00:36:29
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@pgwipeout> No, it's 22 seconds from power on, three seconds for u-boot and grub to handshake then jump to kernel, 19 seconds to userland. Most of the time is spent with systemd. 00:37:36
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@logan2611> Ah, that sounds a lot better, thank you. 00:38:35
@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@logan2611> Also 5Gb/s with iperf running on the RockPro64 is pretty good 00:39:10
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@makx:morphism.deMarkusblrgh. I have a small HDMI screen connected to my Rock64 and for some reason either the edid gets messed up or the display modes are otherwise wrong :/17:06:14
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28 Nov 2020
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@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <@pgwipeout> Greetings earthling 00:58:32
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