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23 Jul 2022
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@migueldfp:matrix.orgmigueldfpHi hi to everyone :D22:44:04
@zenoxs:matrix.orgZenox Heyyy 23:10:34
24 Jul 2022
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25 Jul 2022
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@iseth03:matrix.orgTumi ツhello, i have a question, excuse me if it is very innocent or out of place04:20:31
@iseth03:matrix.orgTumi ツdo you have plans to release a version for mobile devices?04:21:05
@iseth03:matrix.orgTumi ツty google translate04:21:18
In reply to @iseth03:matrix.org
do you have plans to release a version for mobile devices?
We discussed it internally, but we just want to propose a solution to play dofus touch with a pc experience. So no plan for a mobile version
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@loolk:matrix.orgkg aymaneyo les gars10:35:30
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@clover-lindo:matrix.orgCloverSalut 👋11:24:43
@loolk:matrix.orgkg aymanesalut gros11:24:58
@loolk:matrix.orgkg aymanediscord ca marche pas ou koi?11:25:20
@aejii:matrix.orgaejiiça ban sur discord11:25:34
@loolk:matrix.orgkg aymaneah bon 11:25:54

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