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2 Oct 2023
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtocompanies got sued for not having an impressum on their facebook page21:03:18
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝto(and I think they got rightfully sued)21:03:29
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtosome only have a facebook page and nothing else21:03:41
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtoit mostly comes from competition law and press law21:04:18
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LCWhat about other protocols? If you had a service that replies to requests over email and served your blog like that, would that need an impressum?21:05:01
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtoform doesn’t really matter21:07:12
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LCWould you need an impressum in your email signature, or on every IRC message?21:07:13
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtoit’s generally for press products and comercial services21:07:53
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtobut you don’t need it in chats, forums etc21:08:06
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtoand you don’t post journalistic articles in irc21:09:49
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtobut a blog gets treated similarly like a physical newspaper21:10:25
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtolive-streaming redactional content with more than 500 viewers and fixed schedule on twitch would also require a broadcast license21:15:45
@irc_L29Ah[x]:matrix.f-hub.orgL29Ah[x] 23:03:18]<Baŝto> companies got sued for not having an impressum on their facebook page 21:57:59
@irc_L29Ah[x]:matrix.f-hub.orgL29Ah[x]note to self: ban all german IPs21:58:02
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtogerman companies21:58:23
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LCgeolocation information is not necessarily accurate21:58:40
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtogenerally ban all other countries https://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/dealing-foreign-legal-threats22:03:40
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LCor just for safety, ban everything22:08:25
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LCyou never know when some foreign spy might be connecting from within the country22:08:51
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtooh nice … seems gitlab also plans to join the fediverse22:56:00
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtothis could get interesting … at list if gitlab and gitea/forĝeo communicate22:56:23
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtolooks like they have an eye on ForgeFed23:03:31
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtoeven though they don’t wanna use it for their first step23:03:41
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtohttps://forge-allura.apache.org/p/allura/wiki/Home/ this looks so much better than sourceforge, why does sourceforge use such a dumb theme23:23:27
3 Oct 2023
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtofound the 2d game I actually had in mind https://store.steampowered.com/app/206690/iBomber_Defense_Pacific/00:37:39
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtopretty much the cheapest graphics you can have00:37:50
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtoand they can rotate freely00:37:56
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtowow, I neither heard of fossil nor freshcode before https://fossil.include-once.org/freshcode/index00:56:20
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️
In reply to @basxto:ccc-ffm.de
(and I think they got rightfully sued)
Can you explain why it was rightfully?

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