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3 Mar 2024
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️

mostly offtopic

@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1yeah I meant what you realised afterwards20:42:14
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1 and we've kinda swung even the DRM conversation back on-topic for a change, but the arcana discussion was tiny - I mentioned it because it was the only on-topic thing I could think of in case Skyflare ⚡️ wanted to jump straight to it 20:43:07
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1Hmm, only title I recognise is pirate cinema. Do you know how many of those are actual novels / short stories / mostly nonfiction?20:49:02
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqafaik all of them are novels21:16:21
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqI am currently reading Lost Cause, quite ok21:16:37
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqWalkaway is supposed to be really good21:16:52
@irc_f-a:matrix.f-hub.orgf-awhich genre is it?21:16:53
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqSci-Fi, but not hard21:17:08
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqcyberpunkish I guess21:17:26
@irc_specing|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgspecing|LCWho dis21:21:11
@irc_f-a:matrix.f-hub.orgf-ahelo rosvev21:21:20
@pocveb:matrix.orgPocvebI'm new here. Is there a code of conduct or rules readable somewhere? Couldn't find them on the website.21:21:44
@irc_f-a:matrix.f-hub.orgf-abe excellent towards one another21:22:07
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LC don't be too much of a troll, or else you'll join duion or smth 21:22:40
@pocveb:matrix.orgPocvebSounds good :D21:22:56
@irc_specing:matrix.f-hub.orgspecingDuion and Juliet lived happily ever after21:23:12
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LChttps://libera.chat/policies/ applies, since this is bridged to libera.chat21:23:28
@pocveb:matrix.orgPocvebAh, thanks21:23:39
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️ Welcome Pocveb 21:29:19
@pocveb:matrix.orgPocvebThanks :)21:29:31
@pocveb:matrix.orgPocvebWas searching some libre games to check out, and I ended up here.21:29:50
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@_xmpp_reena=40jabber.at:matrix.org@_xmpp_reena=40jabber.at:matrix.org changed their display name from reena to Draena.23:00:55
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