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16 May 2022
@router:kde.orgroutermaybe it could be an IRL router20:37:06
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_f-a:irc.freegamedev.netf-a«I like route 66»20:37:10
@router:kde.orgrouteror a router in mindustry20:37:11
@router:kde.orgrouterf-a: it's even more confusing when you consider my posix name is route@r20:38:53
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_f-a:irc.freegamedev.netf-athat is a confusing posix name :P20:39:21
@router:kde.orgrouterr is defined as localhost20:39:36
@router:kde.orgrouterand as personal.baseduser.eu.org20:39:49
@router:kde.orgrouter(this doesn't actually point anywhere on ipv4)20:40:14
@L29Ah:libera.chatL29Ah and doesn't reply to icmp echo :O 20:43:49
@router:kde.orgrouterL29Ah: it's because i'm not on the network that actually supplies personal.baseduser.eu.org21:09:57
@router:kde.orgrouter otherwise it would 21:10:01
17 May 2022
In reply to @specing:libera.chat
thinkpad x1 isn't good, so impossible

thinkpad x1 isn't good, so impossible

well there goes my hopes and dreams

@ericxdu:matrix.orgEricxDu🇺🇦Looks like I'll have to go with a macbook air04:22:17
@specing:libera.chatspecing EricxDu🇺🇦: someone's initial evaluation says that the M1 macbooks might actually be freer 09:43:24
@specing:libera.chatspecingthey say that the trustzone/ME/PSP equivalent only runs when explicitly started by the OS and is not required for operation of the machine09:43:56
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@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqthe aria-net.org Bifrost xmpp gateway now has experimental history support for people connecting from XMPP.15:15:29
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqfinally some movement on that, after new-vector seems to have abandoned Bifrost development15:16:10
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqif I can get it to work with Conduit that would be great news15:16:49
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@_xmpp_reena=40jabber.at:matrix.orgDraena changed their display name from Draena to reena.17:35:13
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18 May 2022
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