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17 Jun 2021
@_discord_325555252579532810:t2bot.ioClaudiu joined the room.06:07:38
@_discord_353982018503311361:t2bot.ioLinuxPaulM🐧#7855 I wish gamers wouldn't ignore Itch. Great service that is to games what Bandcamp is to music 07:19:08
@_discord_772860443387101245:t2bot.iobb22 joined the room.11:41:59
@_discord_835080616734490644_=54erraria=20=23free-stuff:t2bot.ioTerraria #free-stuff#0000 Hell is other demons and Overcooked! 2 are both free on the Epic Games Store until June 24th until 11:00 AM EDT!
@_discord_835080616734490644_=54erraria=20=23free-stuff:t2bot.ioTerraria #free-stuff#0000 Absolute Drift is free on GOG until June 19th until 9:00 AM EDT!
@_discord_827089508666179615:t2bot.io4sapCode joined the room.18:11:37
@_discord_353982018503311361:t2bot.ioLinuxPaulM🐧#7855 Gaming opinion: boss fights have no place in a story focused game. They are stupid and add nothing to the overall story, character or world building experience 20:21:51
@_discord_87003002853924864:t2bot.ioZealox But boss fights can be fun tho 21:30:36
@_discord_87003002853924864:t2bot.ioZealox The point of a game is to be fun and there are many enjoyable boss fights. If you're playing a story game you should be able to play on easy mode for the story though without getting stuck on a boss. 22:01:35
@_discord_213253457052696577:t2bot.iojulikaiba#7095 playing mgs 3 on highest difficulty at the moment and every time there is a boss fight i need a week or more of breaks and retries until i can finally continue, so I totally agree LinuxPaulM🐧 22:54:29
@_discord_700706307883270265:t2bot.ioMr. E. Panda joined the room.23:29:25
18 Jun 2021
@_discord_835080616734490644_=54erraria=20=23free-stuff:t2bot.ioTerraria #free-stuff#0000 Battlefield 4 Vehicle Shortcut Bundle is free on Steam until June 28th until 1:00 PM EDT!
@_discord_435612455503265792:t2bot.iocarrabelloy (Andreas ) joined the room.13:07:23
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19 Jun 2021
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@_discord_195047309308985344:t2bot.ioAlex S | DD circa 2018 | Sys76 changed their display name from s31bz#4596 to Alex S | DD circa 2018 | Sys76.20:41:11
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20 Jun 2021
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21 Jun 2021
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