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28 Aug 2019
14:03:08@adhdhobbyist:matrix.orgadhdhobbyistI did clean them out before I left though hopefully avoiding issues
16:48:16@sones:matrix.orgTom Sparrow changed their display name from sones to Tom Sparrow.
29 Aug 2019
11:13:20@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticIdeas for a game controller I would like to build.
11:15:16@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticIm trying to find a good solution for the throttle control. There are alot of off the shelf hall effect throttle controls that are really expensive. Really all it needs is a single axis joystick type thing.
11:15:32@sones:matrix.orgTom Sparrownice, a KSP controller is on Mike's to do list
11:16:42@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyYeah, not for KSP though for Elite Dangerous
11:16:57@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyThough it couldf be used for any game
11:17:13@sones:matrix.orgTom Sparrowahh, I bought KSP recently in the summer sale, very cool game
11:17:34@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyYeah it is
11:17:39@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuybig learning curve though
11:19:18@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticI have a fully automated to orbit space shuttle thats just awsome. Ut I have installed some better aerodynamics mods and now landing it manually is a pig.
5 Sep 2019
12:01:27@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticSo I have an oldish Gopro that I never really use, and would probably be much more useful to me as a webcam. Has anyone ever hacked on into using it directly as a source in OBS etc?
12:01:51@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalactic*hacked into one
12:13:16@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyTried it - can't be done
12:13:17@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyall you can do is take the micro HDMI out and put it into a capture device
12:18:09@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticYer thats what I thought. The capture device costs as much as just buying a webcam anyway. I would have thought someone would have come up with a 3rd party hack by now as it can stream over wifi, but only to the gopro app on a phone from what I can tell.
12:18:28@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyI looked and couldn't find one
12:18:33@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyI was also trying to use a GoPro with OBS
12:18:46@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyEnded up buying a Hd webcam instead
22:27:51@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalactichttps://www.reddit.com/r/arduino/comments/cy324b/not_mine_but/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x love these machines
6 Sep 2019
07:28:32@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyYeah I keep meaning to make one of those
07:35:06@sones:matrix.orgTom Sparrowthat's amazing, we always need useless stuff, because it's fun.
19:13:25@wire:monsieur-wire.dewire joined the room.
19:56:18@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticHi wire.
7 Sep 2019
13:00:48@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalactic https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2621314247959491&id=100002428253806&sfnsn=mo&s=1174591281&vh=i
13:01:21@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticI really want to look at the axoloti boards but their dev board seems a little pricey.
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Hi wire.
hi there 🙂
11 Sep 2019
11:10:49@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalactic https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-49584941

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