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5 Nov 2019
20:07:38@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyDepends on how long it takes to charge it from the crank
20:08:56@sones:matrix.orgTom Sparrowyeah, we car have a play on Sunday, anything else on your car? or just oil & filter, just wondering if you need any more tools
20:09:04@sones:matrix.orgTom Sparrow * yeah, we car have a play on Sunday, anything else on your car? or just oil & filter, just wondering if you need any more tools
20:09:26@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyJust oil and filter
16 Nov 2019
10:47:04@electro3020:matrix.orgElectro3020What awesome things could be made with an RFID reader and an Arduino?
10:48:09@adhdhobbyist:matrix.orgadhdhobbyistSecure storage with pin code or rfid quick access locking system
10:48:53@electro3020:matrix.orgElectro3020Sounds cool
10:49:42@electro3020:matrix.orgElectro3020I need some way of making an “anti-cloning” security
10:50:04@electro3020:matrix.orgElectro3020To avoid cloning the tags
10:55:42@adhdhobbyist:matrix.orgadhdhobbyistVery cool idea. Also the exact reason you need a pin code too so if the key is lost your not locked out due to anti cloning measures lol
10:57:24@electro3020:matrix.orgElectro3020I was thinking that every time you tap the tag it changes the UID and writes it to an SD card.
10:58:29@adhdhobbyist:matrix.orgadhdhobbyistTheArduinoGuy: any ideas for this project?
10:59:17@adhdhobbyist:matrix.orgadhdhobbyistMike would know more possibilities so when he sees it he’ll have loads of ideas
10:59:49@electro3020:matrix.orgElectro3020Of course
11:00:03@electro3020:matrix.orgElectro3020* Of course
13:36:58@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyUnfortunately most RFID technology is clonable nowadays
13:37:13@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyThe serial number for the RFID tag is written on the tag
13:37:36@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyNFC technology is more secure as you can write to the tag and can hence keep changing a code number on the tag
13:38:33@adhdhobbyist:matrix.orgadhdhobbyist Maybe 2 factor authentication would be better. Get an app notification on your phone when you use the tag and then verify in the app for the 2nd Authenticator
13:38:53@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyYeah you could do that relatively easily with Blynk
13:39:47@adhdhobbyist:matrix.orgadhdhobbyistSweet Electro3020 you have your project!
13:41:17@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyor include an RFID reader with a keypad
13:42:35@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyHow about embedding RFID tags on the base of objects
13:42:53@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyThen the reader can detect what object is placed on top of it
13:43:26@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyMaybe have this trigger things so something with a lamp symbol turns a lamp on
13:43:31@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuymusic note turns spotify on
13:43:36@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyso on and so forth
21 Nov 2019
15:06:36@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuyThese are nice - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBT3Xc7p_pw
15:14:07@pangalactic:matrix.orgPanGalacticI would so do that with fluorescent paint then use a UV led base.
15:14:40@TheArduinoGuy:matrix.orgTheArduinoGuythat would be cool

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