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A room for authors, journalists, technical writers, etc! If you enjoy writing, be it fiction or fact, this is the room for you! Need a tool to help you write? Try Manuskript or bibisco, two Free Libre Open Source Software program for writing your novel!4 Servers

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5 Aug 2019
21:00:13@satchel:matrix.orgSatchelRedacted or Malformed Event
21:00:24@satchel:matrix.orgSatchel * I'm new to Riot.
6 Aug 2019
00:10:55@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them) Satchel: Yeah, ducks it. It's like googling it, except on DuckDuckGo.
15:23:35@theafterman:matrix.orgtheaftermanDezponia what?! I never knew you could use Manuskript with a plain directory instead of their zipped format. I gotta check that out rn
17:00:22@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I've started working with Manuskript. I rather like it.
17:34:29@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaNeat. Out of the programs I've tried its my favourite. Also used Bibisco a bit but it felt very inflexible and its "distraction free mode" is just super cramped and doesn't work as well as Manuskripts
18:00:33@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I was using Scrivener for a while, but I was running it in Wine, and it really (at least then) doesn't do well that way.
8 Aug 2019
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11 Aug 2019
In reply to @DatseMultimedia:matrix.org
I was using Scrivener for a while, but I was running it in Wine, and it really (at least then) doesn't do well that way.
It works but is a little annoying at times.
11:01:57@bearerofhonesty:matrix.org@bearerofhonesty:matrix.orgIn Wine I mean.
17:12:11@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I've heard people really liking it. So, wine could be a factor there.
13 Aug 2019
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17 Aug 2019
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18 Aug 2019
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22 Aug 2019
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23 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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1 Sep 2019
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3 Sep 2019
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8 Sep 2019
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23 Sep 2019
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24 Sep 2019
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25 Sep 2019
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10 Oct 2019
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