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14 Mar 2024
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16 Mar 2024
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17 Mar 2024
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18 Mar 2024
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19 Mar 2024
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23 Mar 2024
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Is it just me, or is civilization on the verge of collapsing upon it's own apathetic ambivalence?
You are living in the most prosperous time in human history.
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25 Mar 2024
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27 Mar 2024
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In reply to @chinsoutlaw:matrix.org
You are living in the most prosperous time in human history.
Which is also the most unstable in human history both on a political and technological level. Your statement is quite biased, as it assumes an implicit definition of prosperity. One could also argue that we have never witnessed as much degeneracy and dehumanisation as in current times, and specifically, that until now, man kind had never been that close to an immediate recession.
@chinsoutlaw:matrix.org@chinsoutlaw:matrix.orgAir craft that are increasingly unstable can to greater things.22:12:08
@chinsoutlaw:matrix.org@chinsoutlaw:matrix.orgAll waves must crash, however.22:13:27
30 Mar 2024
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3 Apr 2024
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7 Apr 2024
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9 Apr 2024
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12 Apr 2024
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21 Apr 2024
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