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8 Mar 2021
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentand now there are a couple of new buildings but... at that rate thats nothing to brag about... 09:26:28
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentlooking at the skyline of Shanghai and at my city... 09:26:44
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentiget sad09:26:54
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusLol why would you want to be like Shanghai 10:10:39
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusVisit it sometime 10:10:41
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusIt's got its perks but 10:10:47
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusLet Shanghai be Shanghai 10:10:51
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusIt's a wild crazy place 10:11:05
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusThey have gotten more tame I hear tho 10:11:23
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusThe laws have changed 10:11:28
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentI know , I’m just saying it did be great for the people here to have that kind of cash flow to build innovate and so on10:11:45
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusWe need to tunnel 10:18:56
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentOh yeah...10:19:39
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilent But I get you tho... I’m just brain washed by the suffering I see on daily tv 10:20:13
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentI’m alright and I did be doing something to get by so I guess we just getting by and I did be scared if I live a comfy life like as joey Diaz say “a doctor” :D10:21:39
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentBut I have been thinking the past few days of ways of moving dirt. So I get you.10:22:57
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentGood think is they got that tech now of being able to “ see “ under the Sahara s sands10:23:36
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentDid be great to look at all that data10:23:52
@tih5ilent:matrix.orgtih5ilentI doubt it will ever go public tho in its raw format10:24:08
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusNice 15:12:00
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusAlso noticing youtube links working finally 15:12:07
Download reface-2021-03-08-10-09-57.gif
Download FB_IMG_1615215844049.jpg
@lostintartarsauce:matrix.orglostintartarsauceYes this is great to see the youtube links working clearly15:45:58
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusThese sticker packs tho 15:51:19
@priskey:matrix.orgpriskey set a profile picture.21:11:49

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