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12 Jun 2022
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralRedacted or Malformed Event22:45:01
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoral* yes and it is my first and only language22:45:17
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph#1818 murican? 22:50:08
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralwell yes but my family no22:50:38
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralmy family is immigrants22:50:43
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralfrom somewhere, don't remember22:50:54
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoraland then moved here to america22:51:29
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoraland now I was born in texas very epic22:51:34
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph#1818 gotta love it when u don't give a shit about where ur family comes from lol 23:13:32
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph#1818 I wasn't saying that was a good thing, in case u didn't notice 23:15:32
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralit's just complicated23:17:54
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralthey moved a lot of times23:17:56
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph#1818 no matter how many times they've moved, where they're originally from will always be the same 23:43:14
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph#1818 either way, it's ur family and it's ur call to make whether u care enough about them to know about where they came from 23:43:36
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph#1818 I do have to admit that not at least knowing "my family was originally from X" is just a bit odd unless it's just been generations since then and that information has been lost to time 23:44:10
13 Jun 2022
@_discord_975802759888633866:t2bot.ioNeufreund changed their display name from Neufreund to Neufreund#8952.12:07:47
@_discord_975802759888633866:t2bot.ioNeufreund changed their display name from Neufreund#8952 to Neufreund.12:07:49
@_discord_190973800920121344:t2bot.ioTECHO_PC#2047 changed their display name from TECHO_PC to TECHO_PC#2047.12:33:18
16 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
@_discord_146232596563492864:t2bot.ioXbox 360 Controller#7213 changed their display name from Xbox 360 Controller to Xbox 360 Controller#7213.07:52:05
23 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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25 Jun 2022
@_discord_861025308408938536:t2bot.ioRivai joined the room.23:45:09
26 Jun 2022
@mon:tchncs.demon_aaraj changed their display name from M.A to mon_aaraj.02:23:08
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28 Jun 2022
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