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8 Sep 2018
01:33:28@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskin joined the room.
10 Sep 2018
01:07:08@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinWhat will the DNY token be used for?
30 Oct 2018
18:50:45@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairhead joined the room.
18:52:10@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairheadAre DNY Dank tokens? I've been wondering the same thing - if you find an answer pls send me a DM :)
21 Nov 2018
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6 Dec 2018
02:59:32@hal_al:matrix.org@hal_al:matrix.org left the room.
12 Dec 2018
13:46:12@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinDoes anybody work with namebazaar.io here?
13:47:12@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinI made a bid on a name through that website using Metamask. It is at the reveal bid stage and I am unable to reveal. Same metamask wallet. Any ideas?
23:31:13@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuzeHey all. I reserved this to make sure squatters don't. This channel is not actively maintained. Our core community is on Discord right now: https://discord.gg/P9RQejv
23:32:04@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuze Rumblestiltskin: Please message me on Discord with the transaction details and the name and I can take a look.
23:33:28@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuzeI'm Bradym on Discord
23:34:54@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuze changed the join rule to "invite" from "public".
23:35:04@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskin mckmuze: thanks, i was able to solve it, I bid on it using the Brave Browser beta with metamask and then tried to reveal on the non beta brave browser i installed after
23:35:27@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinIt is odd though because it has the same ethereum account on metamask
23:35:36@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinbut a different metamask wallet, so that maybe why
23:44:55@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuzeOh that's because you need to import your bid. It's stored locally in the browser. You can export. It's the same as using the ENS app, though they make you download it and tell you to keep it until your reveal. Name Bazaar does it all in browser to save time, steps, and headache if you lost the info to reveal your bid
23:45:32@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuzeThat's what the import export feature in NB is for
23:45:44@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinok i understand, thanks
23:45:59@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuzeGlad you got it sorted
23:46:14@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuzeFeel free to reach out if you ever have trouble again though
23:47:51@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuze Rumblestiltskin: Shal I guess your name? ... sorry I had to. :P
23:48:44@mckmuze:matrix.orgmckmuzeIt was Rumblestiltskin.eth? 😆
13 Dec 2018
01:33:13@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinyup 😆
13 Mar 2019
14:59:19@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinDoes anybody know why it shows I do not own this ENS name? https://etherscan.io/enslookup?q=rumblestiltskin.eth
15:00:05@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinIt shows I paid the 3 realted transactions, but NameBazaar says I do not own the name
27 Mar 2019
14:11:15@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinis namebazaar going to be involved in the 3-6 character name auction?
4 Jun 2019
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10 Jan 2020
23:38:25@padpad:matrix.orgPeter changed their profile picture.

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