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18 Oct 2021
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexthen i think it shouldn't be that big of an issue17:34:38
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexalso, if you use Webauthn hardware tokens, it has fixes for the mobile clients which are needed for them to work17:35:20
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also, just a tar/zip of the whole data directory would be best :)
Every nght a backup of the whole Docker server data dirs ;-)
@smaw04:matrix.orgsmaw04 BlackDex: Just changed to testing branch, and it works now ;-) Thanks! 19:06:32
@crivchri:matrix.orgcrivchri joined the room.20:37:44
@crivchri:matrix.orgcrivchriIs there a date already set for the next release?20:44:02
@danig:matrix.orgdanigBeen meaning to cut a new release for a while and couldn't find the time, I'll probably get to it tomorrow or the next20:48:11
@danig:matrix.orgdanigthe testing image is going to be practically identical to the 1.23.0 release so you can use that for now if you need20:48:44
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the testing image is going to be practically identical to the 1.23.0 release so you can use that for now if you need
Thanks for your answer. I’ll better wait a few days more for master release…
19 Oct 2021
@m3r0v1ng10:matrix.orgm3r0v1ng10 changed their profile picture.20:56:06
@m3r0v1ng10:matrix.orgm3r0v1ng10 changed their profile picture.21:15:55
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexThe whole Hacktoberfest isn't really doing anything for the project hehe 22:07:43
@jjlin:matrix.orgjjlinrust projects probably don't do that well in general22:10:02
@jjlin:matrix.orgjjlinlearning curve too high22:10:12
20 Oct 2021
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@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDextoo bad10:06:53
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21 Oct 2021
@hbenjamin:nitro.chatBenjamin changed their profile picture.13:02:55
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@snuupy:matrix.orgSnuupywith the emergency access feature, it says I can request access here: https://bitwarden.com/help/article/emergency-access/#:~:text=In%20the%20Designated%20as%20emergency%20contact%20section%2C%20select%20the%20grantor%20whose%20Vault%20you%20wish%20to%20access in vaultwarden's web vault, I can't seem to find that button to click 23:35:06
@snuupy:matrix.orgSnuupyhas it not been implemented yet?23:35:09
22 Oct 2021
@christopher_parker:matrix.orgChristopher Parker joined the room.01:43:54
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexsnuupy: if you are running the latest version it should be. But you first need to be invited by someone before you can request access like that.06:33:14
@hbenjamin:nitro.chatBenjamin changed their profile picture.11:12:11
@hbenjamin:nitro.chatBenjamin removed their profile picture.11:16:06
@hbenjamin:nitro.chatBenjamin set a profile picture.11:16:43
@snuupy:matrix.orgSnuupy BlackDex: I was invited, I accepted, and they confirmed - I still can't request access 17:10:00
@snuupy:matrix.orgSnuupyam running 1.23.017:10:19
@snuupy:matrix.orgSnuupymaybe they have to confirm lemmie double check17:13:16
@snuupy:matrix.orgSnuupyyup they didn't confirm it even though I told them to -_-17:15:19

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