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14 Jan 2021
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexAnd when the total amount of images is reaching an x amount21:43:24
@jjlin:matrix.orgjjlinnot sure if the bitwardenrs account is free tier or an open source account tho21:53:12
@jjlin:matrix.orgjjlini think if it's an open source account it's basically the individual pro tier and there's no image deletion21:54:02
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexAh, well there were A lot of changes at docker in a short time last year22:04:34
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15 Jan 2021
@flux:matrix.orgfluxgithub can also be used for hosting docker images, maybe that would be reasonable alternative should the docker hosting become more cumbersome07:10:56
@flux:matrix.orgflux"GitHub Container Registry"07:11:43
@flux:matrix.orgflux..but that has even more uncertainty, "Note: GitHub Container Registry is currently in public beta and subject to change. During the beta, storage and bandwidth are free." :)07:12:40
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16 Jan 2021
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@crowlkats:matrix.orgcrowlkatsis a darkmode for the web ui planned/wanted?01:12:14
In reply to @crowlkats:matrix.org
is a darkmode for the web ui planned/wanted?
TBH, I just use darkreader and call it a day.
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexSame here. Also, we do not maintain the web vault. For requests like that you need to go to bitwarden.com08:44:00
@b3lt3r:matrix.orgb3lt3r ok - after the update discussed in the week - I still get an error when restarting any clients - desktop or browser plugin. When I put my master p/w in in response to "vault is locked" I get the following. I then hit logout and re-enter p/w. On plugin, it's accepted and on desktop it triggers my 2FA which kind of makes sense as I have logged out. I'm just unclear if this is correct behaviour. My recollection was that if the vault was locked, my password would provide access. 10:49:20
@b3lt3r:matrix.orgb3lt3rhang on - just sorting the screen10:51:09
@b3lt3r:matrix.orgb3lt3rbw error2.png
Download bw error2.png
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@crowlkats:matrix.orgcrowlkatsi have account creation disabled, but i wanna invite someone but dont have any of the mail stuff setup. can i still somehow invite someone?19:01:09
17 Jan 2021
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@flux:matrix.orgfluxenable account creation make the account, disable it, arrange the user to your group, hand over the credentials and ask to change password? (I don't know if there's an easier way.)14:53:14
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexill see if i can fix that16:57:39
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexwe may need a copy-invite-link or something in those cases16:58:00
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexSame goes for adding them to an organization16:59:03
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18 Jan 2021
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