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15 May 2017
10:00:10@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadLabour candidate's position on Brexit is: http://www.canterburylabour.org.uk/?s=brexit
10:01:38@LadyT:matrix.orgTheaThe trouble with brexit is that it's not as much of a force for vote movement as one would expect
10:03:03@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadI agree. I'm a passionate remainer and I'm disappointed with the level of apathy.
10:03:39@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadHowever, that coupled with the stats was enough to make me change party and campaign for the Lib Dems.
10:04:22@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadPlus the Labour candidate has never run for elected office before, whereas the Lib Dem guy has been a councillor for years and is very well connected both locally and in Westminster.
10:04:52@LadyT:matrix.orgTheaI agree with you - I don't think it's helpful having differing tactical vote results across different websites
10:05:35@LadyT:matrix.orgTheathe progressive alliance and stop the tori.es showing labour
10:06:46@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadI don't think the PA group know that they are being played by the local Labour lot. I've written to them this morning.
10:06:56@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadHave you got a link for stopthe tories?
10:08:40@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadI think that's where the PA got their opinion from - as it's based entirely on the 2015 election result - which is misleading.
10:08:45@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadI need to write to them now!
10:13:21@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadDid I mention that Ukip have stood down and are backing Brazier - which means Conservatives (including councillors) are moving to the Lib Dems.
10:16:42@LadyT:matrix.orgTheaI need to add all the UKIP stand downs, it's very bad news
10:17:29@LadyT:matrix.orgTheasome might be made of them backing Conservatives though - by association
10:18:20@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadYes, but there are Conservative councillors coming over to the Lib Dems in Canterbury because of it.
10:19:16@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadAlso, did I mention the University of Kent - The European University as they style themselves. They won't be happy with Rosie Duffield's volte-face on Brexit
10:19:43@LadyT:matrix.orgTheaThere's a lot to be said for just getting the student vote out
10:20:05@LadyT:matrix.orgTheaNot campaigning up until after the 22nd May and before that just getting them to register
10:21:32@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadI'm doing exactly that. I'm running a reasonably well resourced digital campaign to mobilise students.
10:23:27@LadyT:matrix.orgTheaalso might be worth getting people from faversham where it's pretty hopeless to campaign in canterbury
10:23:48@LadyT:matrix.orgTheaam sure you have already thought of that though
10:24:05@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadI'm just sending you a letter in the local paper from a former Labour councillor who has moved to the Lib Dems too.
10:31:41@grebehead:matrix.orgGrebeheadThere's one more local factor that's worth sharing. The local hospital may be downgraded again. It lost its A&E under Labour a few years ago. There are 5,000 NHS staff in the south east who are EU nationals. The Tories and Labour voted against guaranteeing their status. The hospital trust are blaming recruitment issue as a reason for taking services away from the hospital. The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the area - the Brexit issue is very important to them and now that further cuts are possible a lot of old resentment towards Labour has been stirred up again.
27 Aug 2017
21:07:00@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their display name from Matthew to Matthew|away.
6 Sep 2017
07:17:16@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their display name from Matthew|away to Matthew.
29 Sep 2017
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