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Welcome to #glutin, the official Matrix/IRC channel for Glutin and Winit! - Github: https://github.com/rust-windowing/glutin, https://github.com/rust-windowing/winit - Crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/glutin, https://crates.io/crates/winit - Docs: https://docs.rs/glutin/0.21.0/glutin, https://docs.rs/winit/0.20.0/winit/3 Servers

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8 Nov 2019
14:50:58@freenode_jenny-m:matrix.orgjenny-m joined the room.
14:59:57@gentz:matrix.orggentz rustyarch (Gitter): the old polling api did not work on non-desktop platforms, nor so well on some desktop platforms.
15:00:16@gentz:matrix.orggentz I'd look into the new run_return.
15:00:50@gentz:matrix.orggentzAnyways, the consensus among the winit/glutin maintainers, afaik, is that the new api is better for maintainability.
15:01:42@gentz:matrix.orggentz Err, rustyarch (Gitter): https://users.rust-lang.org/t/winit-0-20-the-state-of-windowing-in-rust-and-a-request-for-help/29485
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22:45:53@simlay:matrix.orgsimlayIt seems as though the web tests fail CI. Would it be helpful if I were to try and fix it?
23:48:11@gitter_lazypassion:matrix.orglazypassion (Gitter) joined the room.
23:48:31@gitter_lazypassion:matrix.orglazypassion (Gitter)Would it be possible to get the raw window handle for winit similar to sdl2? For the kind of case where you want to write a software renderer.
9 Nov 2019
00:19:17@gentz:matrix.orggentz simlay: Yeah, I'd just delete the .circleci file. glutin doesn't currently support those platforms, and I don't see it doing so in the near future.
00:20:33@gentz:matrix.orggentz lazypassion (Gitter): Don't we already support this? Have you seen https://github.com/rust-windowing/raw-window-handle?
17:17:07@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter)hey
17:17:44@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter) After I added cpal to my project which uses glutin, glutin will fail on build_windowed
17:17:59@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter) The message is OleInitialize failed! Result was: \RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE``
17:18:16@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter) (edited) ... was: \`RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE\`` => ... was: 'RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE'`
17:18:29@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter) I'm using Windows 10. Any idea why this is happening?
17:22:35@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter)nevermind, figured it out
17:23:45@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter) still a pretty strange error. It is triggered by calling cpal initialization code (host, device, event loop) on the same thread that will be used to run glutin later on.
fixed it by moving the initialization code to another thread.
17:24:59@gitter_nicbn:matrix.orgnicbn (Gitter)probably both glutin and cpal try to change the apartment mode
12 Nov 2019
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14 Nov 2019
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