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Welcome to #glutin, the official Matrix/IRC channel for Glutin and Winit! - Github: https://github.com/rust-windowing/glutin, https://github.com/rust-windowing/winit - Crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/glutin, https://crates.io/crates/winit - Docs: https://docs.rs/glutin/0.21.0/glutin, https://docs.rs/winit/0.20.0/winit/13 Servers

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26 Sep 2020
@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech Because it's pretty obvious why going instantly into polling again would cause a delay if you don't dispatch for them. 00:11:18
@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeechBut it would have surprised me if you actually got stuck, like a deadlock.00:11:27
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov UndeadLeech: I've pushed updates that we've discussed, so it should leave us with Theme trait update, I guess. 01:32:13
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov Also, I'm not sure how you merge button decorating on a Theme trait, I'd assume that you want to merge icon and button into one method? 01:36:08
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov I think that we can have button_color and button_icon_color methods, but I'm not sure that we need to merge those 2. 01:36:52
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov I guess I'd merge those. 01:54:24
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov ok, decided to go with 3 methods for the entire trait, it's really easier to work with. 03:13:43
@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeechkchibisov: Should have been explained in my comment I think?05:41:23
@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeechLike minimize/maximize/close can all be the same method?05:41:35
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisovalready fixed05:41:46
@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech Nice, I'll get to it tomorrow. 05:41:56
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov doesn't matter anymore 05:41:58
@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech I'll be heading to bed in a second. 05:42:01
* @freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov is already in a bed05:42:16
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27 Sep 2020
@freenode_Flat:matrix.orgFlat joined the room.01:05:46
@freenode_nixpulvis:matrix.orgnixpulvis I've updated https://github.com/rust-windowing/winit/pull/1724 01:58:11
@freenode_nixpulvis:matrix.orgnixpulvis it would be amazing if there was a good way to test this stuff. But I don't think we're in a position to really mock X11 connections. 02:32:37
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28 Sep 2020
@freenode_kchibisov:matrix.orgkchibisov nixpulvis: you'd need to rebase your winit PR. 21:15:15
@freenode_nixpulvis:matrix.orgnixpulvison it cptn21:29:46
29 Sep 2020
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