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Welcome to #glutin, the official Matrix/IRC channel for Glutin and Winit! - Github: https://github.com/tomaka/glutin, https://github.com/tomaka/winit - Crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/glutin, https://crates.io/crates/winit - Docs: https://docs.rs/glutin/0.20.0/glutin, https://docs.rs/winit/0.19.0/winit/2 Servers

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23 Mar 2019
18:33:28@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech So the question is what the best way would be to create a maximized window at start without flickering, or if there's no way around that.
18:37:56@gentz:matrix.orggentz Afaik, you got to deal with the flicker. Maybe ask someone at #freenode_#xorg-devel:matrix.org or something.
18:39:38@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech Question would also be compatability with display servers that support it ofc. You wouldn't want to introduce flicker on platforms where it's not necessary.
24 Mar 2019
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14:00:27@freenode_s214:matrix.org@freenode_s214:matrix.orgwhats up, could somebody help me? im trying to listen to keyboard inputs
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15:14:17@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech What's the issue?
19:24:32* @gentz:matrix.orggentz sighs
21:40:26@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech Levans: Is there a specific reason why winit still uses version 0.4 of sctk or is it just a lack of time to update it? Was curious if this is done for ecosystem compatability, because compatability with the smithay-clipboard creates some issues.
21:41:17@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter) we've updated it to 0.6 for the Event Loop 2.0 rework, but that's waiting on X11 and OSX backends before it gets merged onto master
21:41:35@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter) see tomaka/winit#790
21:41:39@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech Oooh right, that's sitting in a branch.
21:41:43@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeechI always forget about that one.
21:42:15@gentz:matrix.orggentz Osspial (Gitter): Is there a spec file somewhere for the Event Loop 2.0 rework?
21:42:28@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter)uh
21:42:37@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter)what do you mean by spec file?
21:43:07@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter) there's the original discussion issue which has a changelog, and then there's the rustdoc for it
21:44:33@freenode_UndeadLeech:matrix.orgUndeadLeech I've never looked at that branch, how much work is it gonna be for downstream to update once that lands? I'd assume it's a breaking change?
21:45:41@gentz:matrix.orggentzSomething like this, but updated: https://gist.github.com/Osspial/53efa87797899872650f6bece14736c0
21:47:04@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter)it is breaking, yeah. iirc the big changes are that the event loop run API has been changed, and that everything is modules now
21:47:14@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter) see this page for the EventLoop changes: https://osspial.github.io/winit/el2-win-joy/winit/event_loop/index.html
21:47:43@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter) those docs should be mostly accurate as long as you ignore the event module, which has the WIP joystick support on it
21:48:38@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter)also gentz let me look
21:50:00@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter) there's this, which isn't as detailed in terms of rationale but summarizes the changes: https://gist.github.com/Osspial/d3a3390807fa95a469d9c9b677db4715
21:50:22@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter)that also exists pretty much unchanged in the eventloop-2.0 changelog
21:50:34@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter)*on that branch
21:51:38@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter)the macOS backend is allegedly almost done, but the person doing that has been MIA for something like three months
21:51:45@gitter_osspial:matrix.orgOsspial (Gitter) so I wouldn't be opposed to someone else picking that up
26 Mar 2019
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