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SMW lets you store and query data with­in MediaWiki pages. Mirrored in the SMW Telegram, which you can join at https://t.me/joinchat/MCG84k3OMoaYZoFA9yhyMg2 Servers

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6 Sep 2020
@telegram_1305719670:t2bot.ioJessica Meggett joined the room.16:54:47
8 Sep 2020
@telegram_1083748165:t2bot.iokofi o joined the room.20:34:46
@telegram_1083748165:t2bot.iokofi oI guess corona is pushing everyone back, huh20:34:39
@telegram_807517410:t2bot.ioJeroenYou can run the just released SMW 3.2 on PHP 7.421:22:30
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode kofi o: beer does tend to slow you down 21:25:16
@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode(yes, I'm a dad.)21:25:27
9 Sep 2020
@telegram_1083748165:t2bot.iokofi onice. children are fun (some of the time)05:03:45
@telegram_1083748165:t2bot.iokofi o
In reply to Jeroen
You can run the just released SMW 3.2 on PHP 7.4
oh wow, 3.2 dropped thanks. I see it on the github page. I see it also supports PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.4. I actually downgraded to 7.3.15 I believe but I guess that doesn't matter anymore huh?
@telegram_1083748165:t2bot.iokofi oI'll probably upgrade php soon though since mediawiki 1.35 needs 7.3.19 to run -_-05:06:52
@telegram_807517410:t2bot.ioJeroenThat is pretty weird. Probably because of some obscure bug breaking a feature you don't use anyway.10:23:24
@telegram_1083748165:t2bot.iokofi oso im running 3.20 now on mw 1.34.2 and everything is smooth16:29:13
@telegram_1083748165:t2bot.iokofi othanks yall16:29:18
@telegram_917934053:t2bot.ioBernhard Krabina https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/SMWCon_Fall_2020 16:31:27
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@telegram_807517410:t2bot.ioJeroen What version of MediaWiki are you using? https://twitter.com/SemanticMW/status/1303681864729796608 23:24:16
10 Sep 2020
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11 Sep 2020
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14 Sep 2020
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15 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020
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20 Sep 2020
@telegram_1336085691:t2bot.ioKurt Caminiti https://i.ibb.co/j5gwnR2/Screenshot-1-Copy-2.png 10:18:52
21 Sep 2020
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22 Sep 2020
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28 Sep 2020
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