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14 Oct 2019
17:01:16@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic I will retrigger the pipeline so it goes back to green.
17:02:28@_discord_248831551620644864:t2bot.iooconnor0 Is there a way to hide/move these commit messages?
17:03:13@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho we could consider moving them to #solarus-dev
17:03:35@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Now that you say that that really feels like where they should be.
17:04:23@_discord_339515915865423873:t2bot.ioBenMulchi changed their display name from BenMulchi to BenMulchi#7183.
17:04:48@_discord_339515915865423873:t2bot.ioBenMulchi changed their display name from BenMulchi#7183 to BenMulchi.
17:09:32@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic I don't agree.. what we do in RetroPIe and I have seen in Libretro.. is to have exclusive read-only channels for Github messages
17:09:46@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic having these github messages in-between actual discussion is very distracting indeed
17:12:04@_discord_603326898017271930:t2bot.ioAtomik_onAcidRedacted or Malformed Event
17:12:05@_discord_603326898017271930:t2bot.ioAtomik_onAcidRedacted or Malformed Event
17:12:20@_discord_603326898017271930:t2bot.ioAtomik_onAcidRedacted or Malformed Event
17:12:39@_discord_603326898017271930:t2bot.ioAtomik_onAcidRedacted or Malformed Event
17:15:42@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho good idea, and we already have a #notifications channels
17:25:19@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew True, I meant if we had it in a chat channel at all. Everything in notifications works just fine.
18:18:46@_discord_422359595457970176:t2bot.ioBoterham changed their display name from Boterham to Boterham#0001.
18:19:02@_discord_422359595457970176:t2bot.ioBoterham set a profile picture.
18:19:04@_discord_422359595457970176:t2bot.ioBoterham changed their display name from Boterham#0001 to Boterham.
18:20:37@_discord_619508752114253845:t2bot.ioscreenbeard changed their display name from screenbeard to screenbeard#4342.
18:20:55@_discord_619508752114253845:t2bot.ioscreenbeard changed their display name from screenbeard#4342 to screenbeard.
18:21:22@_discord_448218477317062696:t2bot.ioLAMAAIN changed their display name from LAMAAIN to LAMAAIN#8405.
18:21:39@_discord_448218477317062696:t2bot.ioLAMAAIN changed their display name from LAMAAIN#8405 to LAMAAIN.
18:33:49@_discord_629317143447601161:t2bot.ioGooa changed their display name from Gooa to Gooa#7281.
18:33:50@_discord_629317143447601161:t2bot.ioGooa changed their display name from Gooa#7281 to Gooa.
18:37:51@_discord_483626791706165258:t2bot.ioSkye the Fox changed their display name from Skye the Fox#1992 to Skye the Fox#6189.
18:38:06@_discord_483626791706165258:t2bot.ioSkye the Fox changed their display name from Skye the Fox#6189 to Skye the Fox.
18:48:38@_discord_464162337809760256:t2bot.ioDetum changed their display name from Detum to Detum#2452.
18:49:27@_discord_464162337809760256:t2bot.ioDetum changed their display name from Detum#2452 to Detum.
23:58:43@_discord_532045695721668619:t2bot.ioRday08 joined the room.
23:59:05@_discord_532045695721668619:t2bot.ioRday08 changed their display name from Rday08 to Rday08#4874.
23:59:10@_discord_532045695721668619:t2bot.ioRday08 changed their display name from Rday08#4874 to Rday08.

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