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2 Apr 2020
21:57:31@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Isn't PyPy one of those?
21:58:15@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Yes, but I haven't visited it since a while, not sure if it's more "production ready" by now
21:58:54@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew As far as I know, it is still stuck on C libraries in can't interact with quite right.
21:59:20@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Yes I remember that as well
22:02:39@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic There are very solid libraries by now: Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, SciKit-Learn, MatPlotLib (all from the scientific domain)
22:03:19@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Python has always good library support.
22:03:47@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew That and general approchability have been its highlights for years.
22:03:49@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Which compensates very well for it not being the fastest all round
22:05:17@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic I think we have diverged enough for #solarus xD
22:05:17@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Its a trade-off as always.
22:06:48@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew I haven't had an excuse to look at Python in ages though.
22:08:37@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Found some cool stuff on the dictionary reword.
3 Apr 2020


OpenAL also supports some simple audio effects such as reverb .. so for example music could be reverbed inside a cave

OpenAL also supports some simple audio effects such as reverb .. so for example sound effects could be reverbed inside a cave

17:13:54@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator If it'd be possible to use things like reverb or fading out or playing more than one music track at once (or crossfading), that'd be great for making the audio of solarus games a lot more modern : )
17:14:01@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Then first step would be to redesign the Lua Sound API ... perhaps is a good next step after the multiplayer big change 😄
17:14:49@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator Maybe at that point I'll have released OH and I'll have time to learn and help too. I know a lot about audio engineering, but not much about the backend engine stuff yet : )
17:15:29@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Here you can see an example of what is possible with OpenAL in terms of reverb: https://github.com/kcat/openal-soft/blob/master/examples/alreverb.c
17:15:49@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic and there is multizone reverb too: https://github.com/kcat/openal-soft/blob/master/examples/almultireverb.c
17:18:47@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic I think there is a lot of potential to improve the Sound API just by exploting OpenAL more
17:20:48@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Another goodie of OpenAL is that it adapts to the actual speaker setup of the user .. so if someone has just stereo speakers you get virtual spatial sound, but if you have an actual 5.1 or 7.1 setup, you get sound coming from the intended speaker without changing anything
18:13:01@_discord_277090826495197184:t2bot.io[SWAG]Malcolm’sWorld changed their display name from Malcolm’sWorld to [SWAG]Malcolm’sWorld#6127.
18:13:02@_discord_277090826495197184:t2bot.io[SWAG]Malcolm’sWorld changed their display name from [SWAG]Malcolm’sWorld#6127 to [SWAG]Malcolm’sWorld.
18:37:15@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho The other day we were talking about replacing OpenAL by SDL_Mixer to simplify dependencies
20:27:24@_discord_238012842618519553:t2bot.ioM12 changed their display name from M12 to M12#2473.
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