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19 Jan 2019
03:33:19@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatballRedacted or Malformed Event
03:33:20@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatballRedacted or Malformed Event
03:35:02@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatballRedacted or Malformed Event
03:39:36@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatballRedacted or Malformed Event
03:42:03@_discord_394906318521237504:t2bot.iofinalgamer8 So Does that mean the Zelda fan games on the solarus website would get copyrighted?
03:45:03@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 Yes. That is if Nintendo ever sees them.
03:45:51@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 They're unlikely to get spotted by Nintendo though as I don't think the fan games themselves have made headlines on any news sources.
03:47:20@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball G’night. I’m going to bed. If somebody knows what’s going on with my game, let me know.
03:52:47@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 That appears to be a problem with rendering and shaders.
03:53:45@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 Does your system have OpenGL installed on it?
03:53:57@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball OpenGL?
03:54:48@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 Its a rendering engine. Normally one shouldn't have to install it manually and I have no idea how to do it manually as it's already on my system.
03:55:13@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball Ah
03:55:20@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 Probably installed alongside steam or some steam game in my case.
03:55:23@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball I’m on the site and there’s no download.
03:55:48@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 🤔
03:56:40@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 I should probably stop now as I have no idea how the rendering engine works or anything relating to it.
I just know the in engine functions for drawing stuff.
03:57:06@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball Oh
03:57:19@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball Thx anyways.
03:57:55@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 But yeah. It appears to be an issues relating to the rendering engine.
03:58:37@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 Actually, do you have the correct graphics drivers for your system installed?
03:58:48@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball Idk.
03:58:58@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball I’m computer illiterate.
04:05:27@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatballRedacted or Malformed Event
04:05:39@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball My pc is restarting to update drivers and such. I’ll try again after
04:43:43@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball Yeah i think i need OpenGL
06:31:23@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball I’m honestly mad right now. I can’t find the installation for openGL and I can’t even play any of the games off the site. Sad times.
13:57:53@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000 Do you have the correct graphic drivers installed on your PC?

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