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25 Mar 2019
17:58:08@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor because i wrote it :p
18:10:30@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 Oh, creating the moving block as a stream isn't a bad idea, that'll push the hero when it bumps into her. The downside is you can walk right through it if you're going perpendicular to the stream's direction, but that's better than not being pushed.
19:33:34@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor i didnt use streams
19:34:22@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor actually, streams dont seem the best option if you want to customize angle, max distance, etc
19:34:59@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor but streams shorten the code, that is the advantage
19:35:52@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandorRedacted or Malformed Event
19:36:03@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor is it doable with streams that only push the hero? otherwise it will move other entities, which i dont like
19:54:24@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 I actually prefer it pushing other entities. In this case, it's a dungeon that is a robot factory, and you're battling as robot bodies are rolling along tracks on the cieling. I actually think the issue is that there aren't enough entities that can be pushed by streams, haha.
19:54:47@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 It's weird to me that streams will push heroes but enemy can walk through them unhindered.
20:54:08@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor it is weird, there is entity:get_controlling_stream(). maybe it is planned more customization for streams in v1.7
20:54:38@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor or maybe there is aomething missing in the Lua API
23:26:06@_discord_540388213102215168:t2bot.iokira#1184 changed their profile picture.
26 Mar 2019
07:59:42@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari if you wanted your basic attack to be a projectile rather than a physical attack (i.e. not the sword), how would you go about it?
08:43:58@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkinekoRedacted or Malformed Event
08:44:01@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko custom entity damaging enemies when sprites of enemies and custom entities overlap
08:44:38@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko i think a bow & arrow using custom entity already exists, but i may be wrong
08:44:50@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko it's basically the same mechanic here 😃
09:01:49@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari cool. I guess there's somewhere in the basic script where you'd swap them out? Or something I dunno I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to programming
09:28:03@_discord_527055989627682817:t2bot.io@_discord_527055989627682817:t2bot.io joined the room.
09:28:36@_discord_527055989627682817:t2bot.io@_discord_527055989627682817:t2bot.io left the room.
10:09:53@_discord_301886075893186560:t2bot.ioStarlock#0943 changed their profile picture.
10:31:30@_discord_301886075893186560:t2bot.ioStarlock#0943 changed their profile picture.
12:48:56@_discord_560082686417305621:t2bot.iojeanclaude34 joined the room.
15:55:25@_discord_415262519989633045:t2bot.ioThat guy over there joined the room.
16:31:50@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) the most recent join is a lovely little poem
17:25:15@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor yes, I think it was Chris who coded the custom arrows in some of his fangames
17:37:26@_discord_173277366624190465:t2bot.ioArcheia joined the room.
17:59:58@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 Worth noting, the custom arrows in those games have a lot of features specific to that game.
18:00:24@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 I might have something for you. I've been meaning to make a simpler arrow custom entity for a while anyway.
18:01:17@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 But basically, you'd tie the "attack" command to that_item instad of attack with a command binding.

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