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23 Nov 2020
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu https://clips.twitch.tv/IntelligentSavorySproutTF2John 04:38:00
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo#0701 You satisfied with the boi eh 04:38:47
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu my pb was lower than 3573 a week ago 04:39:01
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu i only got 3690 like two days ago 04:39:20
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo#0701 Fucking GUSTO 04:39:36
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star Wow 04:39:56
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi the skills transfer from futari i guess 04:40:13
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo#0701 Only thing left now is to conquer dadshit, he'd get smacked for a bit 04:41:04
@_discord_234319599150170122:t2bot.ioYoshi I wanted to play eosd yesterday as well, but couldnt get it to work properly 05:15:20
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo#0701 Emperor Cactu can help you with that 05:15:44
@_discord_234319599150170122:t2bot.ioYoshi I hope 05:16:52
@_discord_155031044322623490:t2bot.ioSyaro Besides Meiling bombs on rainbow chime and midboss sakuya non, what else has he learned so far 05:32:02
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus learned the 800g stage 3 opener today 05:51:47
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus also did a bunch of books practice before but never got above 1/10 success rate 05:52:12
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu back when you thought books were important for scoring 05:52:39
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus yeah 05:53:17
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu some jap who stumbles on gus stream might see him doing 3500g succ midnon and see my scorefile say his s5 pb is 227m and be like yeah seems about right 05:56:05
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu like OOSAKA or SOC 05:56:26
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu hell even izumico 05:56:36
@_discord_423115548549840896:t2bot.iotommi / Cactu i could see them not realizing its not your save file if all they saw was a 1 minute clip of gus doing 3570g 05:57:05
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus lol 05:57:11
@_discord_155031044322623490:t2bot.ioSyaro I see. Sad you ended up picking up eosd and not IN though 06:11:29
@_discord_155031044322623490:t2bot.ioSyaro Good luck 06:11:39
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus https://www.twitch.tv/cac_tu 06:25:26
@_discord_89879660405489664:t2bot.ioSavestate Stallone changed their display name from Savestate Stallone to Tank#7190.11:57:53
@_discord_89879660405489664:t2bot.ioSavestate Stallone changed their display name from Tank#7190 to Savestate Stallone.11:57:54
25 Nov 2020
@_discord_379378921650520064:t2bot.io4[v4[/V5!5 (alva:avl) changed their display name from 4[v4[/V5!5 (alva:avl) to 4[v4[/V5!5#0153.08:28:59
@_discord_379378921650520064:t2bot.io4[v4[/V5!5 (alva:avl) changed their display name from 4[v4[/V5!5#0153 to 4[v4[/V5!5 (alva:avl).08:29:00
@_discord_160811104476463104:t2bot.ioOlifante changed their display name from Olifante to Olifante#0389.23:26:06
@_discord_160811104476463104:t2bot.ioOlifante changed their display name from Olifante#0389 to Olifante.23:26:07

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