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22 Sep 2023
@gubarm113:matrix.orggubarm113but im not sure what it uses16:07:24
@_discord_708326593667399750:t2bot.iobayindirh Try the free trial. No like, no pay. 16:07:45
@gubarm113:matrix.orggubarm113and theres this british search called Mojeek16:07:31
@gubarm113:matrix.orggubarm113maybe but idk if im gonna sign up for a search engine16:12:27
@_discord_708326593667399750:t2bot.iobayindirh Give kagi a Go. 16:12:50
@_discord_185593001647669248:t2bot.ioarthur.tyu you use kagi for what? 18:01:31
@_discord_185593001647669248:t2bot.ioarthur.tyu just general searches? or just for programming related queries? 18:02:22
@gubarm113:matrix.orggubarm113lol speaking of hacker news, i wish there was more forums that had that style 18:27:13
@_discord_708326593667399750:t2bot.iobayindirh For everything. 18:32:24
@_discord_708326593667399750:t2bot.iobayindirh Hacker News is successful because of dang and how it’s moderated. So, its culture is self-sustaining and self moderated, too. 18:33:41
@gubarm113:matrix.orggubarm113well i was just talking about the general website design18:34:05
@gubarm113:matrix.orggubarm113not the people/community itself18:34:15
@gubarm113:matrix.orggubarm113its very simple18:34:27
@_discord_708326593667399750:t2bot.iobayindirh I think its layout has been duplicated as a template. Even if not, it can be copied very easily. 18:34:58
@_discord_151075516600942592:t2bot.iochloroxite#0 changed their display name from Chloroxite to chloroxite#0.19:11:17
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@nimilv:matrix.orgMinimaul πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ changed their profile picture.21:26:21
23 Sep 2023
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@_discord_419060328383512576:t2bot.ioexmachina_ With the latest rnix update I feel that nix is actually approachable. You have auto complete for 90% of the properties you need to mess with 18:11:20
@_discord_461966714607894548:t2bot.iosubmersive.and.breathable Use nil instead of rnix 18:39:35
In reply to @_discord_586604255750651916:t2bot.io
I don't really like nix because it tries to do too much and you need to rely on blogs or forums, I think I've already commented about this.
I use nix because I want to define how my system is set up declaratively. To fulfill that goal, it obviously has to do much. But it is not "too much" imo; what would be the point of having only a few parts of the resulting system set up by nix while the other parts are left undefined and therefore still have configuration drift?
@_discord_167825614651260928:t2bot.ioace@machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6s2pdxebSo 19:13:10
@_discord_620632911498182675:t2bot.iosweptbackcat#0 https://youtu.be/iH626CXyNtE?si=WLTGgAVUSuf0odq0 22:43:41
@_discord_620632911498182675:t2bot.iosweptbackcat#0 Really good stuff 22:53:42
24 Sep 2023
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@_discord_416471512325816320:t2bot.io(setq nerd t) Hey, Bitwarden is hiring. 05:47:28
@_discord_416471512325816320:t2bot.io(setq nerd t) Go check it out. 05:47:34

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