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25 Nov 2018
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We jsut released a new version of Siderus Orion v1.0.0-beta. There is no need to re-download the app, as it automatically updates with the latest available version. Within 5 minutes the cache will be cleared and everybody should have the latest.

This release includes changes:

  • Updated the bundle to include latest security fixes
  • Added Open In Browser for Names / IPNS
  • Added Copy to clipboard for Names / IPNS
  • Restructured the Error dialog to be more generic
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27 Nov 2018

New Beta release (v1.0.1-beta)

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/beta

What changed:

  • Proper colour scheme for the product
  • A small introduction to what is IPFS has been added
  • Support for background work on Windows and Linux
  • Prevent multiple instances
  • Upgraded the bundles to include latest security fixes
  • Better IPNS / IPFS Copy-paste support
1 Dec 2018
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New Beta Release (v1.0.2-beta). Please update

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/beta

What changed:

  • Fixed automatic updates (those were disabled)
  • Fixed responsive design for small screen
  • Fixed cache system for big amount and corrupted data
  • Update in-app notification system for feedback (Saved, Downloading, Importing etc etc)
5 Dec 2018
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New Orion Beta Release (v1.0.3-beta). Please update

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/#beta

What changed:

Rewrite the worker to process API requests
Updated the way we enhance objects
Increased performances
Updated the theme
Updated the IPFS libraries to latest version (some API changed)
Cache for Enhance Object has been updated


The application might fail to load. In case it is required to remove the configuration directory. Please backup/download important files before the update.

Siderus Orion
Siderus Orion is a service for hosting and managing IPFS instances

7 Dec 2018
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9 Dec 2018
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New Orion Beta Release (v1.0.4-beta).

Please update

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/#beta

What changed:

  • New Windows feature to add file directly from Explorer (Right click on files and directories)
  • New support for --add when used with CLI
  • Fixed bugs with drag and drop
  • Frameless look on Windows and Linux too
  • Faster loading of the SPA / Main Interface
  • Fixed typos
  • Upgraded dependencies due to security fixes


On windows it is only supported to add files to the local node. If the settings are pointing to a different node, the files will not be added to it, but they will still be added to the local IPFS node.

14 Dec 2018
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16 Dec 2018
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19 Dec 2018

New Orion Beta release (v1.0.5-beta)

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/beta

[v1.0.5-beta] - 2018-12-19


  • Ability to customize the Gateway to use
  • Current Usage of Bandwidth and Peers count (Settings)
  • Better usage/feedback tracking
  • Added internal store for cross-components data
  • Automatic cleaning of electron cache to prevent error with workers (same name of the file)
  • Loading page when slow fetching the Interface
  • Added out-of-the-box PubSub support


  • Updated Siderus Logo
  • Fixed Bug when adding a file and having multiple instances running causing the window to close
  • Changed the Loading interface
  • Changed the way data is stored to improve the application performances
  • Introduced Typescript in some UI components
  • Changed the Activity type (status property, completed/finished deprecated)
  • Uses ipfs.dns instead of ipfs.name.resolve to speed up name resolution


  • Removed waitingForWorker on components in favor of App-wide loading interface
25 Dec 2018

New Orion Beta release (v1.0.6-beta)

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/beta


  • When an error occurs the user can change the API endpoint (QuickFix)
  • The About page now shows the App and UI versions
  • Each page loads instantly and is pre-loaded at the beginning
  • Support for Offline usage
  • Including the UI in the Standalone App for fallback
  • Added Search form in File view
  • Better descriptions of Settings options


  • Messaging between UI and Worker is using less memory (deletes used requests)
  • The events are loaded via an Interval and not a Timeout
  • Increased the waiting time for IPFS to 5 seconds
  • Improved error reporting when API are failing


  • Loading the UI will wait 2 extra seconds for the Worker to start
  • Fixed bug with IPNS taking too much time loading data causing timeout
  • Fixed bug on first run when the repository was not initialised correctly
  • Fixed null values in Settings page
8 Jan 2019

New Orion Release (v1.0.8-beta) [ Release Candidate ]

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/beta


  • Support for AppImage for any GNU/Linux distribution
  • Versio check on UI
  • UI is loaded from IPNS (DNSLINK) by channel and Minor version (ex 1.0.X vs 1.1.X)


  • Checks for support for Workers from Browsers
  • Updated HTTP API libraries
  • New logo and colors
  • Loading Window font fixes with multiple platforms
  • Updated some dependencies due to security fixes


  • Adding files will report the right progress
  • Fixed problem when adding files or Directories from UI
  • Fixed bug when the user cancel adding a file
15 Jan 2019
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Orion v1.0.9 [Stable] 🎉

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/download
Source code: https://gitlab.com/siderus/orion

We are happy to announce the first stable release, publishing Orion v1.0 🎊
Full changelog: https://gitlab.com/siderus/orion/shell/blob/master/CHANGELOG

24 Jan 2019
10:21:26@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoOrion v1.0.10 [Stable] 🎉 Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/download Source code: https://gitlab.com/siderus/orion Minor issues fixed Full changelog: https://gitlab.com/siderus/orion/shell/blob/master/CHANGELOG
25 Jan 2019
21:43:01@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoRedacted or Malformed Event

Release Orion v1.0.11-beta [Beta]

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io/#/beta
Source code: https://gitlab.com/siderus/orion

Fixed Bug on IPNS key selection ( thx @roscoe:matrix.org )
Improved Multiaddress and Multihash validation
Full changelog: https://gitlab.com/siderus/orion/shell/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md


2 Feb 2019


v1.1.0-beta Released

This Beta version adds a lot of changes under the hood to ensure better performances as well as UI changes.

Full changelog: https://gitlab.com/siderus/orion/shell/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#v110-beta-2019-02-02
Download here: http://orion.siderus.io/#/beta

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