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19 May 2019
18:43:05@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandAvez-vous réfléchi à votre stratégie pour développer votre marque?
18:45:30@yogoosport:matrix.orgyogoosportoui je bien réfléchi
18:46:06@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandComment voyez vous les choses? Étape par étape.
18:49:43@yogoosport:matrix.orgyogoosportsa vous dirait que on pourrait parlez au Téléphone
18:54:04@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandOui mais pas maintenant. Vous voulez exporter vers quel pays?
18:55:02@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandJe vais vous mettre en contact avec le consultant le plus approprié pour votre projet.
18:58:50@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandMexique, Estonie, Nigeria, Afrique du Sud, Malaysie, Brésil?
21:00:19@yogoosport:matrix.orgyogoosportje voulez exporter vers les 3 pays, Malaysie, Brésil Estonie
20 May 2019
06:19:34@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium joined the room.
06:20:34@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_Switzerlandchanged room power levels.
06:21:03@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_Switzerland yogoosport: Bruno Moutier parle français, il va vous contacter.
19:01:01@yogoosport:matrix.orgyogoosportbonsoir pas de souci super bien
28 May 2019
07:12:47@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium#Browsers. Out of curiosity I tested three web browsers with WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) to see which one was making the least connections to the outside. I also wanted to see if they were blocking tracking as some claim, so I did a test with a blank page and then I connected to ipinfo.io which I know has some tracking in it. I noticed that when you connect to a page, first you get a lot of connections, then they disappear, so to see the tracking you have to tack several snapshots. Number of connections with a blank page: Epic: 0. Iridium: 1. Brave: 2. Firefox: 2. Number of connections with Ipinfo.io, three snapshots: Epic: 12 then 9 then 2. Iridium: 15 then 11 then 14. Brave: 5 then 3 then 3. Firefox: 6 then 4 then 1. Epic does not support Zoho Vault but does have Lastpass. Iridium is supporting the Chrome store so it can install both Lastpass and Zoho. Brave is now supporting the Chrome store so it can install both Lastpass and Zoho. Firefox has its own extension store and is supporting both Lastpass and Zoho. So I guess I'm going to go for Brave, it has more anti-tracking capabilities and has Tor embedded inside.
07:13:01@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumRedacted or Malformed Event
07:13:06@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumRedacted or Malformed Event
07:14:27@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumSo, first screenshot is with a blank page:
07:14:34@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumBrowsers no IPinfo.JPG
Browsers no IPinfo.JPG
07:14:56@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumSecond screenshot is with IPinfo.io first snapshot:
07:15:03@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumBrowsers with IPinfo.JPG
Browsers with IPinfo.JPG
07:15:20@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumSecond snapshot with IPinfo.io after about one minute:
07:15:26@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumBrowsers with IPinfo 2.JPG
Browsers with IPinfo 2.JPG
07:15:37@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumAnd third snapshot with IPinfo.io:
07:15:44@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumBrowsers with IPinfo 3.JPG
Browsers with IPinfo 3.JPG
07:16:41@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium#Immunet: I was using Immunet as antivirus on my computers but I was getting a lot of false positives on Foxitreader and Resilio http://www.immunet.com/index
07:17:43@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium#Blog: I guess this article will have to be updated at some point: https://steemit.com/privacy/@love4aviation/web-browsers-review
07:24:09@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium#IPinfo: Here is an interesting article in case you wanto to use IP tracking tools: https://medium.com/@ipdata_co/what-is-the-best-commercial-ip-geolocation-api-d8195cda7027
07:35:26@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium#Lightbeam: Ig you use firefox you can install Lightbeam to see who's tracking you: https://github.com/mozilla/lightbeam-we
15 Jun 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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