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31 Dec 2019
12:59:36@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinWhich I need to know clearly, I mean the process
12:59:59@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinI got interested person in Latvia and Poland, who are my friend
13:01:17@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinBTW, may I know about you Johanna. Do you got linkedin?
In reply to @hakarobin:matrix.org
Initially Estonia, as my company is there, I know , its possible to sell other Eu country, but there is probably tax issue
Tax isn’t a problem as VAT is handled across all European countries. So your OU company (SDG capital) would collect VAT in the country where the goods are sold, NOT Estonia. Then the VAT collected is sent to that country, through European agreements, but that’s transparent for you, this is handled at the country’s level. Customs clearance is done at the sea port when your goods arrive, again, this will be handled by a Ubinodes consultant.
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I got interested person in Latvia and Poland, who are my friend
You need a marketing plan to make such decisions. Is it wise to try to sell in countries like Latvia and Poland versus France or Germany? What is the price tag (retail) for your products to be sold at a high enough volume so that your shipping costs are bearable and you factory is running full steam? Only a marketing plan can answer these questions. We can do it for you, we will ask you questions, put together an entry strategy, do the local online shop, in the local language and so on.
13:21:40@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandAbove is the link to our article about selling in Estonia. This would give you an idea of what a marketing plan is going to look like, it would be specific for your project. A basic marketing plan is a tailored made research in a 3 pages document. It’s a start to see more clearly where your project is heading. Then you can ask for more research on specific subjects: regulation, tax, customs clearance, warehouse, competition, consumers’ culture, price tag. You can also organise some sampling, like selling your products online, in markets, at various prices, various models, to test the reaction of your customers. You could also test various countries.
13:34:17@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinok thanks :)
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the company is more than 1 and half years old, and already got some bank transition, Initially I want to sell T-shirt online , so looking for a business partner base in Estonia
Have you considered selling other products than T-shirts? Like hoodies, jeans, backpacks? What is your target segment? Youth, adults, sportswear, urban? What is your marketing strategy resulting from your market segments and products? Tribal marketing, online advertising, press advertising, booths at events, word of mouth? We definitely need a marketing plan, but your project has potential since you have the ability to manufacture in Bangladesh, this could offer work to many people in your community. Where would the design be done? Do you have a designer? We may have someone.
1 Jan 2020
10:20:18@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinYes, actually I have plan for many other products as almost all the textile are produce here,which are day to day used, also leather and handicraft are produced here
10:21:20@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinI want to do business, more on social business concept, as you might know, many people are misused here also while production, many big brands are exploiting people here, and I think, this need to be changed
10:21:41@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinIntially I want to start with T shirt , because, it will be the easiest for me
10:23:11@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinMy target is mostly Young people with social values, and who are more into environment conscious and want to bring positive changes
10:45:33@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_Switzerlandhakarobin: the only way for your community to get fair wages is if you are not subjected to foreign entities, otherwise they’ll always squeeze employees to pay dividends to shareholders. So you have a plan, now we need to put that in writing, and tailor it to your target market, this is when a local consultant will bring value, whether you target Estonia, France, or any other country. Give me a little time to look into that.
10:48:42@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinok Thanks
4 Jan 2020
08:42:26@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_Switzerlandhakarobin: we can do France right now. Give us a bit more time to see for other countries du to holidays.
13:24:02@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandAre you interested in exporting to France? We can set up a bureau with a representative for your brand. In the marketing plan, you’ll have to include a part about the design as fashion can be different from one culture to another, and also a part about the product line, what you may want to sell along T-shirts. You’ll have to also look into the sports that have the most “tribal” culture within the youth, like skateboarding, basketball, football, whatever generates a need for peer recognition. I’m going to ask our French contact to get in touch with you.
13:27:21@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandYou may want to read this book: https://purposefocuscommitment.com/tribal-marketing-tribal-branding-brendan-richardson/
6 Jan 2020
08:29:59@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium set a profile picture.
08:34:50@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgiumRedacted or Malformed Event
14:16:52@joarazi007:matrix.orgJo_Nigeria Hi hakarobin , I'm Jo, a node from Nigeria.
17:51:39@christian_moreau_france:matrix.orgchristian_moreau_france joined the room.
17:53:28@christian_moreau_france:matrix.orgchristian_moreau_france hakarobin: Hi, I'm a node based in France, Johanna told me about your project. If you want I can do the marketing plan for France. Do you want to schedule a VoIP meeting to discuss further your needs?
17:56:23@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_Switzerlandhakarobin: hi. Jo and Christian can start working on your project, one is in Nigeria and the other one in France. It’s a good start. After that, you can target other countries, maybe Estonia.
7 Jan 2020
08:29:01@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_SwitzerlandPopulation in Nigeria is 203 million people with a GDP per capita of 2400$. Population in France is 65 million people with a GDP per capita of 43600$. Population in Estonia is 1,3 million people with a GDP per capita of 20000$.
11 Jan 2020
18:29:11@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinHi, sorry for late response, as I had other work. Yes I would be happy, if they want to work with me. But mostly , I need a working partner in EStonia now.
18:29:53@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinI would also like to know, how can I register to publish digital magazine online under my Private limited company , any ideas on it?
In reply to @christian_moreau_france:matrix.org
hakarobin: Hi, I'm a node based in France, Johanna told me about your project. If you want I can do the marketing plan for France. Do you want to schedule a VoIP meeting to discuss further your needs?
Hello, yes sure, we can discuss.
18 Jan 2020
11:22:03@hakarobin:matrix.orghakarobinHi all

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