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23 Sep 2020
@robocat:matrix.org𝑅 𝑜 𝒷 𝑜 𝒞 𝒶 𝓉 changed their profile picture.19:45:48
@robocat:matrix.org𝑅 𝑜 𝒷 𝑜 𝒞 𝒶 𝓉 changed their profile picture.20:38:59
24 Sep 2020
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26 Sep 2020
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@voidhash:privacytools.io@voidhash:privacytools.io changed their display name from voidhash to deleting the account, death of this character, voidhash (Jun 30•2020 - Sep 26•2020).08:21:43
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@zeeee:matrix.orgZe changed their display name from Zee to Ze.16:08:16
27 Sep 2020
@novaburst:chatcloud.netAgent Nova joined the room.14:15:39
@novaburst:chatcloud.netAgent Nova Nova , the Fediverse traveler has joined 14:17:39
@novaburst:chatcloud.netAgent Nova* *Nova , the Fediverse traveler has joined*14:18:14
@truenovaburst:tchncs.deNova (Matrix)Oh wait , that is my alternate account ;-)14:29:47
@truenovaburst:tchncs.deNova (Matrix)* Oh wait , that is my alternate account ;-)14:31:56
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28 Sep 2020
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@turnipface:matrix.orgpenpal changed their display name from turnipface to penpal.16:02:38
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@neopetsarecool:matrix.orgneopetsarecoolHas anyone tried cod mobile lmao17:45:05
@neopetsarecool:matrix.orgneopetsarecoolIdk if it's safe as it installs updates from its servers 17:45:34
@neopetsarecool:matrix.orgneopetsarecoolNot owned by tencent anymore tho17:45:43
@techlore:matrix.orgHenryNot here lol17:52:43
@neopetsarecool:matrix.orgneopetsarecoolGuess i'll be the guinea pig18:04:42
29 Sep 2020
@cn3m:privacytools.iocn3mIt didn’t work last I tried. PUBG did05:40:36
@cn3m:privacytools.iocn3mThough I had a profile with play services installed05:40:51
@cn3m:privacytools.iocn3mIt didn’t work just testing05:41:01
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@muncky:matrix.orgmunckyLooking for a good open source document scanner. Any recommendations?22:19:14
30 Sep 2020
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