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3 Mar 2024
@_discord_730522971294138369:t2bot.iochildoftheants Larger then most prob like a gallon about 01:47:45
@_discord_730522971294138369:t2bot.iochildoftheants There’s also a couple of little mealworm looking thing that haven’t moved as far as I can tell 01:48:56
@_discord_730522971294138369:t2bot.iochildoftheants is it normal to have springtails on the above water surface and glass lmao 04:17:07
@_discord_1099347893183324262:t2bot.iopagarus_ Yes 04:19:55
@_discord_1099347893183324262:t2bot.iopagarus_ changed their profile picture.04:19:56
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@_discord_461887314805653505:t2bot.ioRat Fanatic 🤡🥵🥴🐀 If you get the chance to, id try and remove it 11:18:30
@_discord_461887314805653505:t2bot.ioRat Fanatic 🤡🥵🥴🐀 Anything that large inside an ecosphere will more than likely be a ferocious predator 11:19:05
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@_discord_647544170751197194:t2bot.iouserak56 18:50:05
Download IMG_3410.png
@_discord_743195333588156509:t2bot.iohhhhh4444 Black void in ecosphere 20:14:21
@_discord_1099347893183324262:t2bot.iopagarus_ Nice, shine a light in there 20:52:56
@_discord_743195333588156509:t2bot.iohhhhh4444 I thought it was a hole at first but it's actually black fungus or something 21:10:17
@_discord_1099347893183324262:t2bot.iopagarus_ Oooh okay 21:29:16
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4 Mar 2024
@_discord_701581181308895332:t2bot.ioAamgthony 03:46:26
@_discord_743195333588156509:t2bot.iohhhhh4444 05:56:09
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@_discord_461887314805653505:t2bot.ioRat Fanatic 🤡🥵🥴🐀 Oooo very cool 11:08:44
@_discord_461887314805653505:t2bot.ioRat Fanatic 🤡🥵🥴🐀 Ive had purple spots and darker spots in my substrate. Never void spots tho 11:09:14
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@_discord_449361856298221578:t2bot.iofullmetalpatty funky cool 15:14:58
@_discord_449361856298221578:t2bot.iofullmetalpatty weirdest part is the plant life above doesn't seem to be affected by it at all 15:15:43
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@_discord_743195333588156509:t2bot.iohhhhh4444 Yeah it's in the root system of a chunk of grass but it's still doing okay 18:03:37
@_discord_760991015989280808:t2bot.iojuanjulio3336487 18:40:16

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