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12 Jan 2022
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@_discord_354473639535443968:t2bot.iotechknowlogick#6400 already have been working on setting up a server: 17:09:35
@captain_morgan:libera.chatcaptain_morgan cation not sure what you're asking 17:32:55
@cation:libera.chatcationcaptain_morgan, the place/application you send your built application binaries17:49:23
@cation:libera.chatcatione.g. I know the two big ones are nexus and artifactory17:49:34
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@captain_morgan:libera.chatcaptain_morgan ahah, presently i'm not actually maintaining binaries for release, after building I flash directly to an ESP32 for integration testing 18:10:59
@captain_morgan:libera.chatcaptain_morgan actually, that's not totally accurate, I just scp off to another server 18:11:30
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@captain_morgan:libera.chatcaptain_morgan I'm in the process of setting up Over-The-Air update infrastructure. Eventually the bin will be stored in a location accessible to an HTTP server and an MQTT message will be dispatched informing devices an update is available 18:13:09
@captain_morgan:libera.chatcaptain_morgan presently 100% of my CI work is for embedded libraries so a release doesn't actually have a bin 18:15:13
@cation:libera.chatcationah ok cool18:28:20
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@dachary:matrix.orgdachary techknowlogick#6400: zeripath#7700 a gentle ping regarding the publication of the NLnet MoU. 20:24:23
@dachary:matrix.orgdachary * techknowlogick#6400: zeripath#7700 a gentle ping regarding the publication of the NLnet MoU. The webinar is next week and the grant will be a hot topic I'm sure 😄 20:25:40
@_discord_354473639535443968:t2bot.iotechknowlogick#6400 Still working on the mou, so nothing to share (yet) 20:25:20
@_discord_471355125118664716:t2bot.iozeripath#7700 We're still working on it - we'll mostly be taking the plan.md you so kindly wrote up but my focus right now is on getting https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/17957 in as it's holding up the 1.16.0-RC1 20:29:27
@dachary:matrix.orgdacharyAh, it's fine then. 20:30:25
@dachary:matrix.orgdacharyNote that there is no need to stick to any pre-made plan. Whatever makes sense / seems doable now will be fine as long as it contributes to the end goal.20:31:12
@dachary:matrix.orgdacharyCan I suggest creating a hedgedoc somewhere to work on that together? I'm motivated to contribute because it will allow me to align my work with yours.20:33:53

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