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7 Jul 2022
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@_discord_279276989062316033:t2bot.ioEax#1136 I'm currently running 1.16.8, and I want to upgrade to the 1.17.0-rc, is the upgrade path from the 17 rc to the release version of 17 when it gets out, going to be hard or risky? 11:43:58
@_discord_184031639318298624:t2bot.ioNaib Should be easy 12:54:54
@_discord_184031639318298624:t2bot.ioNaib Like just replace the binary 12:55:02
@_discord_184031639318298624:t2bot.ioNaib UNLESS there is a dB schema change between the RC and final AND a migration bug is introduced ... But at this stage it should be a remote possibility 12:55:44
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@astuffedtiger:linuxbox.ninjaastuffedtigerHey all, I am digging through docs (https://docs.gitea.io/en-us/) but I am curious if anyone know off the top of their head if Gitea supports the ability to allow users to create issues in a repository but not see the code?15:34:54
@_discord_149183154245206017:t2bot.ioEtzelia#7977 You could do that in an org, but not a user repo 15:41:16
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