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29 Jun 2022
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry had to send documentations of birth and pretty much everything i’ve done for the last 10 years to the to the CAA 14:14:45
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Make it your Outlook photo 14:14:45
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder will do 14:15:03
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder i really should change my outlook photo 14:15:12
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder the default photo is better than what i have rn 14:15:15
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Change it to hasbulla 14:15:29
Download IMG_4685.png
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry am wonderin 14:15:46
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry how stop junk 14:15:52
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder waht even happened 14:15:58
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry aviation is no joke 14:16:25
@_discord_378842879050776576:t2bot.iozE they don't want a new 9/11 14:16:56
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder i do 14:17:01
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry trust me 14:17:03
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry we could 14:17:05
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder wait no thats 7-11 my bad 14:17:08
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry i mean 14:17:10
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry don’t joke about 14:17:44
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry they know more than you’d think 14:17:50
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder 14:19:13
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder sory cheadl 14:19:43
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.io$150 psu holder meow 14:22:33
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry 14:26:32
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry i’m only minus 7% 14:26:46
@_discord_285487412606402572:t2bot.ioIzaw isn't it "was"? 14:34:55
@_discord_771005999037415425:t2bot.ioCerberus#3020Redacted or Malformed Event14:36:56
@_discord_771005999037415425:t2bot.ioCerberus#3020Redacted or Malformed Event14:37:53
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@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioPerry the GR so small! 14:46:58

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