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28 Jul 2021
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 changed their display name from 逸樹#0047 to kit 逸樹.11:09:42
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 かなで書いたほうがいいんだ 11:09:42
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 * かなで書いたほうがいいんだ 11:09:50
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis My phone or laptop can't write in kana but, ganbarimasu :) 12:43:08
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 aw that sucks. do you use gboard on your phone? 12:43:49
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis I-... don't know what gboard is ._. 12:44:14
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis I'll figure it out tho :) 12:44:19
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 whatever it is, you can go on your phone and find the language settings 12:44:41
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 there should be at least two types of japanese inputs :0 12:45:00
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis does it work on laptop or pc as well? 12:45:24
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 nnnnnnno 12:45:30
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 for that you have to look up the google japanese ime iirc 12:45:43
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis pog, arigato kit-sama 12:46:10
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 please do not refer to me as sama 12:46:24
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis whoops- 12:46:32
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis which would you prefer? 12:46:36
@_discord_311489323545526273:t2bot.iokit 逸樹 none 12:46:40
@_discord_821938518547759164:t2bot.ioItsYaBoiLuis ok! I'll keep that in mind hehe 12:46:50
@_discord_758018175916048454:t2bot.ioGrudge joined the room.15:11:44
@_discord_758018175916048454:t2bot.ioGrudge hello 15:11:44
@_discord_755078525610098728:t2bot.ioAkiyooo#1234 Hello 15:18:53
@_discord_456827502887829516:t2bot.ioGod of Grass joined the room.15:19:10
@_discord_456827502887829516:t2bot.ioGod of Grass howdy 15:19:10
@_discord_279673946373357570:t2bot.ioセバスチャン「SEBASTIAN」Redacted or Malformed Event17:42:56
@_discord_279673946373357570:t2bot.ioセバスチャン「SEBASTIAN」Redacted or Malformed Event17:42:58
30 Jul 2021
@_discord_564084495540813825:t2bot.ioachik0#1111 changed their display name from achi of Ätherisch Family to achik0#1111.05:17:10
31 Jul 2021
@_discord_270241376522731521:t2bot.ioG4J#8211 changed their profile picture.03:40:45
@_discord_535994937448333314:t2bot.ioUn forastero!#5306 changed their display name from Un forastero! to Un forastero!#5306.06:31:54
@_discord_535994937448333314:t2bot.ioUn forastero!#5306 changed their profile picture.06:31:55
@_discord_755078525610098728:t2bot.ioAkiyooo#1234 changed their profile picture.14:11:39

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