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18 Jul 2021
@_discord_603325839005974575:t2bot.ioCore Humm do you have a website 18:37:15
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 https://humm42.github.io/ 19:42:51
19 Jul 2021
@_discord_603325839005974575:t2bot.ioCore ahhhhh 21:06:39
20 Jul 2021
@_discord_603325839005974575:t2bot.ioCore changed their profile picture.23:36:18
21 Jul 2021
@_discord_603325839005974575:t2bot.ioCore changed their profile picture.19:51:14
@_discord_603325839005974575:t2bot.ioCore changed their display name from Core#3145 to Core.19:51:19
24 Jul 2021
@_discord_396072638578950145:t2bot.iojackgc123 joined the room.15:47:33
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 I have recently started to investigate into meson and I very much like it 17:45:59
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 hmm maybe I will start doing that myself. I still don't have any personal projects that deserve a full on build system outside of a simple makefile. Maybe one day I will give it a look. 18:07:02
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 meson really shines when it comes to managing small dependencies 18:39:11
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 you can put subprojects in a wrap file and they get downloaded automatically 18:39:35
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 and the dependencies of dependencies of course 18:54:53
27 Jul 2021
@_discord_781728658766561350:t2bot.io/sbin/fsck.xfs#0001 changed their profile picture.17:53:31
28 Jul 2021
@_discord_178621450985406464:t2bot.io0x27a9743674 which do you guys like more Chromium or Firefox 01:03:57
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 Firefox ofc 05:15:03
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 based humm 09:58:57
29 Jul 2021
@_discord_701794651056635904:t2bot.io/home/bobbbay#0001 joined the room.16:39:36
Download unknown.png
@_discord_701794651056635904:t2bot.io/home/bobbbay#0001 Gavin Freeborn considering doing a video on angrybacon's .org stuff? 😳 16:39:36
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Nah, just saw some clever stuff in there 16:47:00
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 I really should make a video some time soon. It's been a while 16:47:59
@_discord_202708659287883777:t2bot.ioMisterSpaceBorg joined the room.20:17:36
@_discord_747907321291604218:t2bot.iothiago-ribeiro joined the room.23:46:45
30 Jul 2021
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 https://github.com/google/bloaty 01:30:25
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 why, google 12:36:19
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 because it’s useful 17:25:24
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 Bloaty McBloatface seems like it's a bit of a longer name than it needs to be, and i found it a bit goofy, but yeah, it is pretty useful 21:18:12
2 Aug 2021
@_discord_781728658766561350:t2bot.io/sbin/fsck.xfs#0001 changed their display name from /sbin/fsck.xfs#5320 to /sbin/fsck.xfs#0001.06:54:21
@_discord_459915826020220928:t2bot.iohagom joined the room.22:08:22
4 Aug 2021
@_discord_519185051653767177:t2bot.iokarchnu joined the room.12:01:04

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