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28 Nov 2022
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph I sure hope so 13:56:45
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph jokes aside tho, I was just thinking of learning more about Davinci Fusion (davinci's version of after effects) 14:02:47
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 of much higher standard than most of hollywood :p 14:02:55
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 oh nice 14:02:58
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph lol 14:03:00
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 didn't know they made an after effects competitor 14:03:01
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph from what I remember of after effects fusion is much easier and move intuitive, but the node thing is kinda confusing sometimes, maybe bc I'm not used to it 14:03:04
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 oh so it is similar to blender? 14:03:04
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph it's all built in
they have Davinci Edit and Davinci Cut to compete with Premiere
Davinci Fusion to compete with After Effects
Davinci Afterlight to compete with Adobe Audition
and its own industry leading color grading stuff (which I just mess around with and pretend ik what I'm doing cause I don't care enough to learn color theory lol)
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph nah, it's more like a adobe suite competitor minus the image manipulation software like photoshop and illustrator 14:03:28
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph nah, you can't model or create your own meshes, but it does have some basic 3D functionalities 14:03:54
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph I basically just added a world a light source and a 3D text to make that thing 14:03:54
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 nice might have to look at it at some point 14:03:56
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 i have just been using belnder and kden live for videos 14:03:57
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph the one annoying thing of using it on linux is that it doesn't support non free formats outside the pro version bc of some patent stuff but it works on windows cause microsoft pays for those rights apparently 14:03:58
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph but you can just convert stuff to .mov and move on 14:03:58
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph kdenlive is half decent if all you do is cut things, add very basic effects and keyframes. but honestly its hard to compete with davinci resolve, davinci resolve is used in actual big budget movie productions 14:04:39
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 yeah only thing on linux that can compete with it is blender 14:05:00
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 but it has a really high learning curve for video 14:05:09
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph every time I look at video editing on blender I give up lol 14:05:28
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 lol yeah 14:05:45
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph it just feels weird, feels more like something they added so you can mess with your animations there 14:05:48
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph not to edit actual videos 14:05:51
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 it is good when your adding 3d objects to scenes and stuff 14:06:16
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph I can barely make a cup a in blender 14:06:58
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph lol 14:07:04
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph every time I feel like messing with it, I lose motivation after a little bit 14:07:20
@_discord_309953093380866049:t2bot.ioWil Taylor#7222 lol yeah i am pretty rubbish at it too 14:59:30
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph the spam bots that reply and like each others comments on youtube now are getting annoying 15:30:35
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph they're not even trying to conceal their retarded scripted talks either. they just comment something completely unrelated and then other "people" reply to them agreeing and adding more info about how to go and get scammed lol 15:31:22

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