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27 Mar 2023
@aryak:projectsegfau.ltArya [projectsegfau.lt]
In reply to @trueauracoral:tchncs.de
sent an image.
your rooms 💀
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralI got banned from vern for saying that people call me a kike12:47:55
@aryak:projectsegfau.ltArya [projectsegfau.lt]wtf12:59:21
@aryak:projectsegfau.ltArya [projectsegfau.lt]cobra moment12:59:23
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralwell I also said people call me a n**a, glonky, queer, dumb, retard, stupid13:02:01
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoraland then cobra's ban message: "Literal racist"13:02:18
@aryak:projectsegfau.ltArya [projectsegfau.lt]lmfao13:02:54
@aryak:projectsegfau.ltArya [projectsegfau.lt] join #pol:projectsegfau.lt 13:03:03
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph bruh what kinda people do u hang out with 13:09:19
@aryak:projectsegfau.ltArya [projectsegfau.lt]american schools do be wild13:17:08
@_discord_280070900928479253:t2bot.ioGytis#3049 changed their display name from Gytis#0001 to Gytis#3049.19:34:00
30 Mar 2023
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UrdExQW0cs 17:38:30
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe I love this channel. 17:38:46
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe No stupid politics or culture nonsense, just pleasant, fun science. 17:39:21
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe * No stupid politics or culture nonsense. Just pleasant, fun science. 17:39:39
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph veritasium has been caught shilling companies before tho 22:52:48
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph but generally it's quite entertaining yeah 22:52:55
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe changed their display name from DoctorCringe to DoctorCringe#5475.23:06:52
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe changed their display name from DoctorCringe#5475 to DoctorCringe.23:07:02
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe im not buying products after i watch their stuff lol 23:07:03
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe i just like their style. they make the topics interesting.. generally 23:07:08
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoralthey graphic design everything and if not it's a video of his face23:13:55
@trueauracoral:tchncs.detrueauracoral* they graphic design and animate everything 2d or 3d and if not it's a video of his face23:14:08
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph yeah they're fun to watch 23:42:13
31 Mar 2023
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe i like astronomy channels too 00:02:39
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe astrum is ok 00:02:42
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph never even watch one I think 00:32:24
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph I've watched some documentaries on it tho 00:32:38
@_discord_679283565996933142:t2bot.ioRaph but it's been years 00:32:44
@_discord_780550926964228136:t2bot.ioDoctorCringe i know too much about space 00:48:11

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