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17 Aug 2018
22:01:57@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_It's here.
22:02:36@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Inventory GUIs have been added!
9 Nov 2018
07:42:35@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Projectiles have been added to the Geode engine, in the form of Potatokinesis!
07:43:28@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Because everyone knows guns, magic wands and slingshots were all inspired by the gods' ability to levitate potatoes with their minds!!
20 Nov 2018
04:32:54@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Coming soon to a TESTMAP1 near you: Spawners!
04:33:21@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Like... actually functional automatic entity factories!~
04:33:34@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_...And keyboard-config, because that's good, too!
06:31:00@gnu_linux:matrix.orggnu_linux joined the room.
06:31:06@gnu_linux:matrix.orggnu_linuxHi :D
06:31:36@gnu_linux:matrix.orggnu_linuxlol ty for the invite :)
06:32:56@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_This is the chatroom for Geode
06:33:32@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Discussion about bugs/features/its-not-a-bug-its-a-features, and such!
06:52:11@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Well, I've got work to do on Geode
06:52:26@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_BACK TO THE CODE MINES!

Pushing soon, with the following additions:

  • Keybind support (GUI coming soon)
  • Entity spawners in levels, and logic entities to operate them
  • Various event-command improvements
21 Nov 2018
02:26:30@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_So, that's up!
02:26:54@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Now, to make a key-configuring GUI
13:00:41@Tirifto:matrix.orgTirifto Good job, Piezo_! And welcome to the room, gnu_linux!
27 Dec 2018
19:52:30@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Instead of finishing Keyboard-config, I decided to implement zooming functionality!
19:52:48@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Zoom keys are currently '-' and '='(+)
21:08:14@Tirifto:matrix.orgTiriftoThen you could still say that has a loose connection to keyboard-config!
21:08:33@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_I guess.
21:08:41@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Also: Pressing '0' resets zoom
21:10:33@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_However, in pursuit of the fabled 'optimization', I seem to have mutilated the shading engine
21:10:47@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_Time to fix that
21:11:15@Tirifto:matrix.orgTiriftoWhilst preserving optimisation?
21:11:58@piezo_:matrix.orgPiezo_After all, there's no point in optimizing framerate if it makes the visuals look off
21:12:32@Tirifto:matrix.orgTiriftoI suppose!

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