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3 Dec 2018
03:08:03@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppswanna know what the problem is with the free state project? accountability.
03:08:49@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps everyone's invited but nobody can ever really get fired
03:09:08@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps there's no price discovery
03:09:52@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps u wanna be a commie? great! we're all literally anarchists
03:11:14@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsjust follow the nap...except for one BIG BIG problem. none of these touchy feely transgender whatevers are interested in enforcing or adjudicating the nap
03:11:43@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsand if they are its for some kind of biased power trip
03:11:55@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsbbbbbut muh anarchy
03:13:06@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppswe have a system and it already works better than any other system anywhere in the world or ever in recorded history
03:14:56@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppswhen i digisigned the statement of intent 8 9 whatever years ago there was no clause about having to hate America or becoming a fuckin commie
03:16:00@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsso stop trying to reinvent the wheel and make NH and America great again
03:17:07@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsand yea thered plenty of good ppl still in the fsp but im busy and will be for a while
03:17:31@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsbut its been infiltrated
4 Dec 2018
16:35:26@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppstell me why to not become manch pd
16:37:27jitsi widget added by @ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps
16:38:08jitsi widget removed by @ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps
16:38:45@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsbest city ever
5 Dec 2018
04:08:31@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppshw bush is rotting in hell right where he belongs
04:08:56@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsfucking commie nwo ass cunt faggot
04:09:26@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppshe should have been hung in a public square
04:10:08@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppssame for dubya and killery
04:10:31@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsstring dem niggers up
04:11:19@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsand no i dont hate all blacks
11 Dec 2018
04:25:24@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps https://www.bitchute.com/video/9GeEsdXZ2Lg/
04:26:16@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppssecretly recording mass gov officials ruled constitutional
17:13:12@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.orgfRESH_OiLben, you aloen on here?
20:16:15@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsapparently not

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