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1 May 2022
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3 May 2022
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5 May 2022
@vaginasforall:matrix.orgvaginasforallYou guys don't like to talk about your lives? My life is an open book and basically revolves around defending against various kinds of daily attacks on my rights (sometimes state sponsored, but often grass roots and populist)... ...like a sporting event I defend repeatatively and assiduously until every once in a while I break out and score! Perhaps you guys have a certain amount of peace, sabbath days, retreates to New Hampshire, etc in which you can proceed in pursuing your happiness without interference, but I can't conceive of any universe in which I would have this luxury because my only happiness is high achievement (which provokes jealousy and obstruction almost surely). I talk about most things in public because, for me, chit chatting is a crucial source of entropy in this intense competition I call life...there is a field of computer science which deals in combinatorics (ie the simple task of listing all the possibilities) and I use conversation as an monte carlo function or "oracle" to try possibilities faster than they can be calculated. For example: I say bacon egg and cheese, you say bacon egg and sausage; I say torpeedo, you say torpedo...it's tremendously powerful strategy in a universe significantly more complex than the game of rock paper scissors, but it's hard to overcome the drag that 99% of all people take more they give; just talking to people often results in burglary or arrest, even if they do spit out today's lottery numbers like a billion monkeys typing up the collected works of shakespeare. Although I've never actually tried deriving entropy from monkeys, I have to wonder if they could be more civilized to deal with than human beings.15:21:42
6 May 2022
@helpmyself:halogen.cityhEl[p,m0meyYeah, that's a pretty good insight about conversation. It really is like that.01:15:06
@helpmyself:halogen.cityhEl[p,m0mey As for monkeys, I definitely think they are more innocent than humans, and that may or may not make them more civilized, depending on your definition. But if the word is defined such that humans are the most civilized, it may also be that the good which comes from said "civilization" is very limited at best. And nonexistent at worst. 01:17:28
12 May 2022
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13 May 2022
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20 May 2022
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17 Jun 2022
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19 Jul 2022
22 Jul 2022
@vaginasforall:matrix.orgvaginasforallNewsbite: There are 18 million Americans who support political violence. 10x the population of New Hampshire...maybe there should be a Violent-State Project promoting violence against the state? (P.S. I don't live in New Hampshire...I live in a free state where the state is free to fuck with citizens and we are free to fuck with them back because they are pathetic).00:25:21
31 Jul 2022
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1 Aug 2022
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2 Aug 2022
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4 Aug 2022
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6 Aug 2022
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10 Aug 2022
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13 Aug 2022
@vaginasforall:matrix.orgvaginasforallI'm sure you all heard that a man was shot dead because they say he tried to "breach the FBI". Please consider that perhaps the more effective way to counterattack police and their unlawful vigilanteism is to lock them in, block them in, and entomb them in their own facilities.04:28:37
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19 Aug 2022
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22 Aug 2022
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