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18 Jan 2019
03:34:27@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsok faggots. your turn. say something offensive. entertain me.
03:37:27@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps also, yea i get it. nobody really gives a fuck who's alive or dead you pompous trust fund baby celebretarian wannabe faggotniggercunts
03:39:33@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppshere just do it:
03:41:31@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps dont worry about me though. if i end up dead any time soon it'll either be murder or an accident and im not about to let that happen. yall are on ur own tho
27 Jan 2019
00:18:00@NealJayu:matrix.orgEzri Jayu changed their display name from Neal Jayu to Ezri Jayu.
30 Jan 2019
20:25:25@xfgbuy55di8rf:matrix.orgxfgbuy55di8rf joined the room.
4 Feb 2019
01:01:08@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsfree steak tips for pats fans on superbowl sunday
01:02:41@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsassimilate to your new culture faggots
01:20:49@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppswhy aint there any country music in the halftime show
01:20:54@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsdat raycess
01:43:39@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsgo pats
5 Feb 2019
08:20:51@r10t-999:matrix.org@r10t-999:matrix.org joined the room.
08:22:15@r10t-999:matrix.org@r10t-999:matrix.org left the room.
8 Feb 2019
15:34:01@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsfaggot nigger spick cracker cunt chink chink whop kike
15:34:37@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsim fuckin sick of spics
15:35:18@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsgo back to fuckin venezuela u faggots and take ur fucking moneygram sending kids with u
15:35:48@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsif u think open borders is libertarian ur a fucking retard
15:36:25@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsget it over with. kill yourself. ill even give u some free paracord
15:37:25@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hopps...and ur fatass hinduran welfare collecting fake wife
15:38:01@ben-hopps:matrix.orgben-hoppsgtfo of my country and my state and my city you no english speaking commie fagggot cucks
13 Feb 2019
In reply to @ben-hopps:matrix.org
faggot nigger spick cracker cunt chink chink whop kike
its not easy bein green
18 Feb 2019

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