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6 May 2021
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 man I am kinda in love with clojure now. 16:52:35
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 I always had the idea it was kinda awkward since it was intended to work with java libs but the way it does it is really well thought out. 16:53:24
@alloca123:matrix.alloca.devallocaclojure never should have been made17:18:41
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 lol 17:58:13
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 like the jvm isn't great but as a lang it is pretty nice. 17:59:44
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 I like the imitable datastructures in lisp idea. 18:00:06
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 I will probably make some scripts with joker to get some more practice without the slow startup of clojure it's self 19:35:58
@_discord_265365442581889026:t2bot.ioZero Sum Can I just say 21:16:19
@_discord_265365442581889026:t2bot.ioZero Sum Makefiles are amazing 21:16:24
@_discord_265365442581889026:t2bot.ioZero Sum Thank you for coming to my Ted talk 21:16:29
In reply to @_discord_265365442581889026:t2bot.io
Makefiles are amazing
makefiles aren't really special
@_discord_265365442581889026:t2bot.ioZero Sum Theyre cool though, or at least I think so 23:35:13
@_discord_265365442581889026:t2bot.ioZero Sum I learned a new trick with them thats why I was praising them lol 23:35:24
7 May 2021
@_discord_253923956967473163:t2bot.ioaosync#3115 yea makefiles are cool 12:11:17
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 The fact that they are nothing special is what makes them great 16:59:25
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8 May 2021
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11 May 2021
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12 May 2021
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@_discord_751981748564262954:t2bot.iodfdx Anyone here use and like Rust? 19:43:25
@_discord_358960666238910465:t2bot.ioSpeykious#7435 Yes 20:14:04
@_discord_358960666238910465:t2bot.ioSpeykious#7435 In fact, I have the chance to use it at my internship, although the work to do is quite simple, basically involves restructuring some data 20:14:53
@_discord_751981748564262954:t2bot.iodfdx Nice. 20:46:03
14 May 2021
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15 May 2021
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