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8 Aug 2020
@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARmaking an OS is a long and complex thing22:52:16
@masteramv:matrix.orgmasteramvWhy would someone spend their time to *make you* **your*' own OS22:52:29
@masteramv:matrix.orgmasteramvWff 22:52:34
@why3:matrix.org@why3:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event22:52:39
@the_proxster:blackhatprivacy.sds-ip.deProx This is #otaku:matrix.org talk. 22:52:42
@why3:matrix.org@why3:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event22:52:52
@why3:matrix.org@why3:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event22:52:55
@moderationbot:matrix.orgModbot banned @why3:matrix.org@why3:matrix.org (off-topic spam).22:53:00
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@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARwe will die!22:55:33
@the_proxster:blackhatprivacy.sds-ip.deProxTIL high schoolers propose to other high schoolers.23:06:22
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI missed what happened...is off topic stuff now ban worthy?23:32:17
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaNo, but THAT kind of off-topic stuff is. Lets leave it at that :)23:33:03
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaAnd if anyone who saw it are confused what I'm referring to, then good, you missed it and that's a good thing23:33:39
@the_proxster:blackhatprivacy.sds-ip.deProxHe can't really see what type of off-topic stuff it was, kek.23:33:39
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerok, usually it's pretty obvious why someone was banned, they seemed to be talking about ubuntu?23:33:57
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaThere were some hidden details which i won't go into23:34:18
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaIt was HIGHLY inappropriate23:34:37
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerfair enough23:34:52
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaSpeaking of on-topic, I didn't give my opinion on todays Demon King episode thingy23:35:41
@the_proxster:blackhatprivacy.sds-ip.deProxWith half an hour left in this movie, I've realized it's the same basic plot as the second season of Chuunibyou.23:35:55
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerIt's frustrating when anime movies do that23:36:41
@the_proxster:blackhatprivacy.sds-ip.deProxAgreed, it's been like, a year or two chronologically too.23:37:11
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaTodays Demon King episode seemed to be a lot of build up and exposition for next weeks episode. I'm ok with that but from a show where the standard bar involves picking up an throwing literal castles at each other the pacing felt off :P23:37:40
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerIt even bugged me a bit in the first eva rebuild, though with that one the prettier animation kind of helped. Also it gradually became clear things were not the same as the series23:38:17
9 Aug 2020
@the_proxster:blackhatprivacy.sds-ip.deProxAt the very least, the movie ended in a different place.03:59:08
@the_proxster:blackhatprivacy.sds-ip.deProxWhere now they're what, engaged?03:59:14

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