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19 Jan 2021
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikuso im new02:20:45
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikuok this is super weird how nobodies responding like im not tryna be rude i serious im an awkward person with a girl threatend to commit sui 3 times is what they toldme02:22:51
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeekuh, hi.02:24:11
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikufinally someone responds thsnkyou02:24:26
@fruit_salad:midov.plfruit_saladThis is not a chit-chat room02:24:56
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikui dont undersand?02:25:10
@fruit_salad:midov.plfruit_saladIt's an anime discussion room. Scroll up and lurk for some time if you want to get an idea.02:25:44
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikualright so do guys watch jjba?02:25:58
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikucause thats my fav anime and i wanna know if anyone do crazy noisy bizare town or and op02:26:55
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeekEh, jjba is a pretty good anime. 02:27:38
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikupart 3 sus tho02:28:14
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeekwhatcha mean?02:28:44
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikuif u watch it on netflix it season 202:29:05
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikubut if u watched part 3 u know its sus02:29:25
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikui just finished white ice from golden wind if anyone wants to talk about that episode02:31:13
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikualright anyone wanna do crazy noisy bizarre town?02:32:59
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikui can start02:33:07
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikukao no nai shisen02:35:21
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikuso how u all like chu2byo?02:37:09
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikuoh nobody02:39:41
@weebxmiku:matrix.orgweebxmikuoh ok ill u know headout02:40:01
@celestialtuba:librem.oneDeborahYuru camp S2 continues to be the AOTY so far, but poor pine cone Chan got rejected this week :(03:48:14
@qradical:matrix.orgQradical joined the room.04:39:33

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