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25 Jun 2022
@liskin:libera.chatliskin(just curious, because I thought for most people reimbursement is better tax-wise)16:25:27
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26 Jun 2022
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@pond:libera.chat@pond:libera.chat anyone tried starting a program with dmenu and switching to another workspace, but keeping the intial creation of that program's windows in the workspace you started it in? 10:56:13
@[Leary]:libera.chat[Leary] pond: It's a surprisingly difficult problem, because xmonad can't know which new window/s to attribute to the dmenu invocation. If you want to assume that it's the next single window (or the next one xmonad chooses to manage) then you should be able to write it relatively simply, but I'm not sure if it's been done. For another approach not using dmenu, look at X.A.SpawnOn.shellPromptHere. 11:05:50
@pond:libera.chat@pond:libera.chat thanks, i'll look into that 11:19:52
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@geekosaur:matrix.orggeekosaurthere's a FloatNext module which could be modified to do this17:46:32
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@diep:libera.chatdiep Hi! Using navigation2D I fail to find a way to make the keybinds working while in "Full" layout. I tried with config `layoutNavigation = [("Full", centerNavigation)]` but without success. Since this is mentionned in Navigation2D doc, I guess it should work. Maybe because I use Spacing? 19:30:52
@diep:libera.chatdiepWhat I want is when pressing mod+left or right or up or down, in Full layout mode, show the next/prev window.19:32:22
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@Guest76:libera.chat@Guest76:libera.chatHey guys, I have one of the probably weirdest issues I myself have ever seen20:46:28
@Guest76:libera.chat@Guest76:libera.chatbasically my nerd fonts and fontawesome fonts are not working in xmonad, including xmobar and even all of my shells but in qtile they work perfectly fine20:47:14
@Guest76:libera.chat@Guest76:libera.chatCould someone help me?20:47:40
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@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaur @tell Guest76 you may need to make sure fontconfig can find them. if they're not in ~/.fonts then something else may be loading them. xmonad is not a desktop manager so it doesn't run font setup, keyboard setup, audio setup, … 20:51:21
@lambdabot:libera.chatlambdabotConsider it noted.20:51:23
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