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25 Nov 2022
@Guest62:libera.chatGuest62 I can't tell because of the colors. Let me try and change that. 22:20:37
@Guest62:libera.chatGuest62It seems xmobar is overlaying? The title bar from the browser(firefox) seems fine to me. Terminal(kitty) seems to have a bit more spacing when it is under the browser in the slave side compared to the terminal(kitty) on the master pane.22:25:22
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaur that would mean it's not an xmonad issue at this point, I think; xmobar is doing something wrong (maybe lowerOnStart isn't taking effect?) 22:27:09
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurthe strut stuff requires that both the window manager and the dock behave according to certain rules, and either one can get it wrong22:28:39
@Guest62:libera.chatGuest62Best thing I can do now is maybe try another panel? Like polybar?22:32:27
@Guest62:libera.chatGuest62 If xmonad is not the problem I am happy with that because I don't really know haskell so I only depend on the modules man page :') 22:33:56
26 Nov 2022
@[Leary]:libera.chat[Leary] Ask Yourself🍉: XMonad is actually easier to use on NixOS than on any other distro; there need be nothing more too it than setting that option, though you probably also want `xmonad.enableContribAndExtras`. You just put your xmonad.hs in the usual place and it will be built and used. 01:15:19
@[Leary]:libera.chat[Leary] But since apparently that's not the case here, you'll have to tell us more about what exactly you're seeing, like what compile errors you get from your config. 01:16:04
@ask-yourself:matrix.orgAsk Yourself🍉
In reply to @[Leary]:libera.chat
But since apparently that's not the case here, you'll have to tell us more about what exactly you're seeing, like what compile errors you get from your config.
I did get it working eventually. But I really appreciate the reply. The problem was to do with GHC version on path not having right Xmonad and Xmonad contrib. The FP server helped me solve it.
@ask-yourself:matrix.orgAsk Yourself🍉 It really is amazing on NixOS. So freaking cool to be able to just run colmena apply and then have xmonad immediately fully functional on any PC I want. 😄 01:19:01
@[Leary]:libera.chat[Leary] It won't actually use whatever GHC is on the path, but all is well if you've got it working. 01:29:24
@ask-yourself:matrix.orgAsk Yourself🍉I may be mis-describing the error. Sorry. But yes, got it working. 01:30:39
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@thyriaen:libera.chatthyriaenI am running polybar with the tray module - when i click the tray icons and a context menu pops up -- it does not follow my gtk rules - where is the look set for those ?14:48:35
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@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurodd, that should cause it to go on top. but you can try XMonad.Hooks.InsertPosition and add to the manageHook: insertPosition Above Newer16:48:03
@kora9:libera.chatkora9 When I click on a trayer tray icon some applications will show a context menu that doesn't consist of anything but "show the application". Is it possible to simply open the application instead? 17:31:43
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaur I think that's up to the application that registered the tray item 17:32:41
@kora9:libera.chatkora9 geekosaur: Yeah, there's no hacky way to override it? 17:36:47
@kora9:libera.chatkora9I was thinking it might be best to disable the tray functionality of the apps (most has that feature) and instead hide them in xmonad17:37:59
@kora9:libera.chatkora9That way xmonad would have more control over it17:38:17
@kora9:libera.chatkora9I could probably create a fake tray for hidden windows too17:38:40
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurhttps://hackage.haskell.org/package/xmonad-contrib-0.17.1/docs/XMonad-Layout-Drawer.html ?17:39:59
@kora9:libera.chatkora9geekosaur: Hmm. I currently am trying to use this: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/xmonad-contrib-0.17.1/docs/XMonad-Util-NamedScratchpad.html18:07:52
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaursure, that should work too18:13:42
@kora9:libera.chatkora9 geekosaur: Does xmonad have some native feature similar to labels and autogrouping in wm's like cwm (i think it's called 'tagging' sometimes also?) 18:17:53
@kora9:libera.chatkora9 I'm aware that I can set actions based on xprop properties, like I do with 'float' for some types of windows and I guess you could code groups based on that. Just wondering if there was some native functionality for it 18:18:45
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurhttps://hackage.haskell.org/package/xmonad-contrib-0.17.1/docs/XMonad-Actions-TagWindows.html ?18:19:06
@kora9:libera.chatkora9 geekosaur: Oh that's perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks :) I'm pretty amazed that xmonad has everything I'm looking for. At worst it seems like I'm just limited by my own haskell knowledge 18:22:19

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