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28 Jul 2021
@kunrooted:matrix.orgkunrootedbut the script run directly in the terminal works perfectly fine 16:41:40
@kunrooted:matrix.orgkunrootedI'm killing and starting it again over and over again and it still doesn't work sadly :/ any ideas?17:01:30
@kunrooted:matrix.orgkunrootedsame with touch-to-click on touchpad and media keys, anyone did that with success?17:02:37
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@kunrooted:matrix.orgkunrootedok, reinstalling xmobar fixed this issue17:41:36

anyway, any ideas when it comes to

  1. pywal integration
  2. touch-to-click touchpad thingy
  3. media keys?
@Air4x:libera.chat@Air4x:libera.chatfor media key you can use XMonad.Utilks.EZConfig17:54:03
@kunrooted:matrix.orgkunrootedany examples of this applied in config? how those keys are named exactly? because this can be confusing between different WMs really17:54:35
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaur there's a list in the documentation of XMonad.Util.EZConfig which also shows an example of how to use it 17:56:12
@Air4x:libera.chat@Air4x:libera.chatIn case you can use Key Simbols defined here: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/X11-1.10/docs/Graphics-X11-Types.html#t:KeySym18:04:17
@liskin:libera.chatliskin kunrooted: touch to click is configured via xinput 18:06:02
@liskin:libera.chatliskinMedia keys can be bound even without EZConfig, see my config.18:06:36
@Air4x:libera.chat@Air4x:libera.chatAnyone know how named scratchpads work? Using customFloating with RationalRect I cannot center the window.18:13:23
@Air4x:libera.chat@Air4x:libera.chathere my config: https://github.com/Air4x/Dotfiles/blob/master/.xmonad/xmonad.hs18:13:34
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaur there's doCenterFloat from XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers 18:14:19
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaur the problem with RationalRect there is you're placing the top left of the window, not its center, anbd subtracting half the window's size from a RationalRect doesn't so anything sane 18:15:08
@Air4x:libera.chat@Air4x:libera.chatok, thank you18:16:00
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@Air4x:libera.chat@Air4x:libera.chat Guys I'm using doCenterFloat from Hooks.ManageHelpers but it doesn't work 19:53:36
@Air4x:libera.chat@Air4x:libera.chatthe window is always opened on the top left angle of the screen19:54:12
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In reply to @liskin:libera.chat
Media keys can be bound even without EZConfig, see my config.
mind linking? I keep loosing important things :((
@liskin:libera.chatliskin kunrooted: sure, now that I'm at a proper keyboard, here you go: https://github.com/liskin/dotfiles/blob/168775b0fcfb6f8d1c2191e7b868e5b636988401/.xmonad/xmonad.hs#L79-L88 20:56:19
@liskin:libera.chatliskin (I've also written a blogpost about making media keys control the correct application: https://work.lisk.in/2020/05/06/linux-media-control.html, but it may be somewhat outdated at this point.) 20:57:53
@kunrooted:matrix.orgkunrootedthx 21:53:31
@kunrooted:matrix.orgkunrootedwill def. Check it out21:53:38
29 Jul 2021
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