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19 Oct 2021
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPine because my algorithm is bad 14:39:16
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPine I just pick a random section in a random word and replace it with a random letter. It's really slow 14:39:55
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPine here's just 50 words that make up 50% of all quote trigrams
stion fried hings seeat manow nothe suste intou doeve goall waind haver meere vwhek andst athis witim heney toant cates beime pould ofake yowor jusin somen coith derbe tilly trait untep ounde whart forto entha retho shout isnce thery oneof wecan alits areas hatle loong nesso iters butne kyour linse
@_discord_206409038366244864:t2bot.ioAwake since there are no pinned messages yet, I wanna ask about the tools you guys are using for analyzing stuff
is there an app for that or it's just custom scripts you are writing by yourself?
also, I thinks this # is better for the question
@_discord_206409038366244864:t2bot.ioAwake : how to get monkeytype's corpus for a certain language? 19:18:13
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu https://github.com/Miodec/monkeytype/tree/master/static/languages to answer the second one 19:19:14
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu Analyzers:
- genkey (semi) https://github.com/semilin/genkey
- a200 (Pine) https://github.com/ClemenPine/200-analyzer
- mod DH (stevep) https://colemakmods.github.io/mod-dh/analyze.html
- KLANext (Ian Doug) http://klanext.keyboard-design.com/
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu semi or whorf pin ^ plz 19:22:37
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu Can edit to add other categories 19:22:50
@_discord_206409038366244864:t2bot.ioAwake thanks you so much, much appreciated! 19:23:37
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorf I ain't no mod 19:24:10
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu Np 19:24:10
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu Ugh, disgusting 19:24:26
@_discord_474550534301548556:t2bot.io<3 but whorf mods do exist 19:24:27
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu :P 19:24:28
@_discord_206409038366244864:t2bot.ioAwake * thanks you so much, much appreciated! 20:07:49
@_discord_328195824238723072:t2bot.ioec0vid Shame 20:34:50
@_discord_328195824238723072:t2bot.ioec0vid Clever 20:35:12
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu 21:41:29
20 Oct 2021
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPineDownload 10k-trimmed.txt00:00:35
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPine I got my wordlist reduction code working optimally, and so now I can trim some of the monkeytype wordlists. It turns out that you only need 1649 of the 10k words to represent monkeytype quotes as well as 10k! 00:00:35
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu Hah, nice 00:01:29
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorf You can look into dawgs or tries as well. They let you store tons of words in an absolutely tiny space. 00:02:11
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPine ooh, I can feed it into itself to remove unecessary words 00:02:13
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu Yeah DAGs are super neat 00:03:04
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorf DAWG 00:03:54
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorf I forgot details but one of these (or a variant) let's you store both the suffix and prefix of strings. Needs a tiny amount of storage for, say, 450k words. 00:06:31
@_discord_169285177481101312:t2bot.ioApsu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deterministic_acyclic_finite_state_automaton ah one of these guys 00:12:49
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