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15 Apr 2024
@stefan.ceriu:matrix.orgȘtefanand the 3rd one might be to seemingly switch between the 2 editors based on wether the formatting options are shown or not13:33:51
@ersei:ersei.neterseidisabling rte still has the issue16:21:03
@kimiblockmoe:moechat.kimiblock.topKimiblock Moe The message composter also breaks iOS’s Chinese keyboard though…

Sometimes it’ll suddenly commit the pinyin for no apparent reason
@kimiblockmoe:moechat.kimiblock.topKimiblock Moe Slide to type will certainly be broken 16:29:41
In reply to @ersei:ersei.net
disabling rte still has the issue
Currently, disabling the RTE doesn't disable it, only features of it.
In reply to @ersei:ersei.net
disabling rte still has the issue
you'll have to wait for that PR (that I just merged) to make it into a release build
@ersei:ersei.neterseioh ok thanks16:34:18
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16 Apr 2024
@jkhsjdhjs:totally.ripjkhsjdhjs Kegan Hey, did you investigate the E2EE issue with mautrix bridges and Element X further? Just had this issue again with mautrix-whatsapp, but there's nothing helpful in the logs (although I only have warning/error logging enabling) 09:31:26
@kegan:matrix.orgKegando you have another client (e.g Element Web) which can see the message?09:32:34
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganif so, please can you get the event ID (... context menu -> view source) and send a rageshake with this event ID (first few characters will be enough)09:33:12
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganwe currently have https://github.com/element-hq/element-meta/issues/2387 which is collecting information09:33:40
@jkhsjdhjs:totally.ripjkhsjdhjsyes, all other clients can see the message. I think the problem is that the mautrix bridges sometimes do not include09:34:31
@jkhsjdhjs:totally.ripjkhsjdhjsElement X sessions when a new outbound session is created09:34:41
@jkhsjdhjs:totally.ripjkhsjdhjsdon't know why that is though09:34:50
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganindeed, that is how far I got when I was debugging before09:34:50
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganI suspect I'd need to see bridge logs, but I guess you don't run the bridge in question09:35:04
@jkhsjdhjs:totally.ripjkhsjdhjsYeah, sadly a rageshake won't be helpful here I guess, element web already uploaded the key to the key backup, so element X is now also able to decrypt the message09:36:23
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganunfortunately I don't have time right now to dig into this much more, so beyond sending a bug report with a reference to the event so we can investigate it later, there isn't much I can do right now. I suspect I'll need to run one of the bridges and look at the code to figure out what it's doing wrong09:36:23
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganit will be helpful to confirm that the room key was never sent to the EX session09:37:06
In reply to @kegan:matrix.org
it will be helpful to confirm that the room key was never sent to the EX session
rageshaking didn't work (not sure if a setting has to be enabled for it), but I sent a report manually via the settings menu
@jkhsjdhjs:totally.ripjkhsjdhjsAlso enabled trace logging for mautrix-whatsapp now09:44:15
@kegan:matrix.orgKegan thanks. I don't know if there's any sensitive info logged or if it logs relevant crypto information, but if you see anything around session_id or sender_key then I'd be interested in it 09:45:48
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganit'll all be contextually associated with your user ID09:46:10
@kegan:matrix.orgKegan(technically device ID but I dunno the granularity it logs at)09:46:26
@jkhsjdhjs:totally.ripjkhsjdhjsalright, guess I'll have to wait for it to happen again09:47:48
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