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29 Sep 2023
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm I'm on loan from Team IRC (Experimental) 12:18:37
@kairos:boba.chatkairos does X not have read indicators? 🤔 I haven’t seen any 22:47:11
@kenrachynski:matrix.orgDoofusCanadensisnot yet23:15:02
30 Sep 2023
@hugeblank:forgedtheir.phd@hugeblank:forgedtheir.phd joined the room.04:25:45
@jan:graffl.orgJanI kinda hope they're gonna be as awesome as in thenold element app. In smaller groups, it was reaaaally really easy and cool tobsee who caught up with the conversation and who didn't on a single glance05:36:35
@jan:graffl.orgJan * 05:37:03
In reply to @kairos:boba.chat
does X not have read indicators? 🤔 I haven’t seen any
please don't just call it "X" 😂
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmEX, or EXI/EXA, work I think07:04:29
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmstupid twitter 07:04:54
@nebula:whatever.socialnebulayeah I use EX07:23:47
In reply to @stefan.ceriu:matrix.org
sometimes, yes. I'm going to try to track it down as I believe it's directly related to the timeline sometime taking a while to pop in
is there a github issue to track for this? my search-fu isn't helping me
@martin:moodle.comMartin Dougiamas
In reply to @martin:moodle.com
I see it now, it’s after every sync (approx every 10 seconds)
Just to resolve my own comment: we updated Sliding Sync and it fixed these issues in EX - moral of my story is to keep all your server software updated!  Thanks Element team 
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew in terms of read receipts: 09:03:13
Download IMG_3112.png
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew coming to a release near you soon. they’re just a bit buggy atm 09:03:36
@jan:graffl.orgJan changed their profile picture.09:27:26
@jan:graffl.orgJan changed their profile picture.09:28:37
@simmel:matrix.orgsimmel ”Mark as read” still doesn’t seem to affect threads?
I can’t find an issue, I’m probably using the wrong keywords?
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm the grapevine says that adding/removing a reaction sometimes helps 11:16:13
@cvictorovich:tchncs.deChristopher Victorovich I submitted a bug report to you via in-app interface 12:07:00
@cvictorovich:tchncs.deChristopher Victorovich Can anybody see it? 12:07:07
@pie:squashed.mepieAm I the only one that was removed from the ElX test flight testers?😅12:44:22
Download IMG_1226.jpeg
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew first i’ve heard of folks being removed from TF 12:50:18
@pie:squashed.mepie I must have done something really bad🙆🏽‍♂️ I promise I didn’t use bubbles that one time. I’m a modern layout user😩  13:23:13
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@ion.nistor:axigen.comIon Nistor changed their display name from Ion Nistor - OOO 25-29 Sep to Ion Nistor.14:31:36
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