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Hi, this is a room for people that are into MBTI types. Thought I’d make a room in case anyone lurking is seeking other people into the MBTI on Matrix. Just be kind, modest and respectful, please. 👀 The 16 types are: ISFJ, ESFJ, ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFP, ESFP, ISTP, ESTP, INFJ, ENFJ, INTJ, ENTJ, INFP, ENFP, INTP, ENTP.2 Servers

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16 May 2021
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgMaybe I should take the test16:38:00
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI Agentyeah I think it's interesting, I was thinking of doing what Benjamin Franklin did with his virtue journal with these to try to develop all of these habits16:39:04
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgYeah it’s pretty cool16:39:46
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI AgentBen_Franklin_13_Virtues.jpg
Download Ben_Franklin_13_Virtues.jpg
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgWhat is that?16:40:09
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI Agenthe had 13 virtues and would focus on developing one a week and used this page in his journal to keep track of it16:40:38
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI Agent* he had 13 virtues and would focus on developing one a week and used this page in his journal to keep track of it16:40:48
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgThat’s pretty cool16:41:00
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:41:13
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI Agentwhat sort of goals?16:41:26
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:43:34
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:46:28
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:46:49
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:48:09
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI Agent

I see, I had a bunch of similar goals too in my senior year of highschool. One thing I've started to use recently was org-mode in emacs. Not sure if you've heard of it but it's like markdown but also good for outlining, scheduling, writing down notes, and I use org-journal to take notes throughout the day. There's a huge learning curve but it's been worth it for me. There's also a habit tracking thing and other features but I haven't gone too far into that.

For the abstract forms of reasoning, I'd probably recommend starting off with logic and some programming, which I'm guessing you may already do. https://youtu.be/ZPfw422Wcso

@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org Oh yeah I studying logic,set theory, category theory and theory of computation as well as making up my own theory’s a few side theory’s I’m learning is complex systems theory and possibly type theory in the future as for art I look at it through sences and sets of instructions so for my visual way of seeing the world it’s kind of similar to Scott Robertson’s how to draw as it allows me to visualize different dimensions for light I look at color theory for hearing I looked into sound engendering sound theory and music theory still learning this bit by bit I don’t really like staff notation though so I’m used a alternative known as global notation all the other sences remain undiscovered and unexpressed 17:00:23
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI Agentthat's interesting, are you sure you aren't a Ti user? Lol17:01:17
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgNo I’m not in mbti but in socionics I am17:01:38
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org I’m a boosted Ti user in socionics 17:01:50
@keshavhi:matrix.orgFBI Agentah, I haven't looked too far into socionics but I believe I was ILE-Ti17:02:23
Download ima_b4d4f58.webp
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgI’m a IEI-2Ni17:03:11
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org Here is what Ti looks like in IEIs 17:04:21

IEIs often have a keen interest in interpreting their surroundings in terms of logical categories. They may be drawn to descriptive logical systems and models, which ground IEIs' oft-scattered thought processes and help them to focus on somewhat more tangible ideas. IEIs' often exhibit a tendency to organize their thoughts in a deliberate, methodical manner -- though they rarely are inclined to regiment their lives in this way, their ideas are often subject to systemic associations, sometimes extensively so.

IEIs may tend to brood and dubitate over logical categories rather than generate their own; their intellectual musings are often more observational, causal, and open-ended than those of Ti ego types. IEIs' insights are highly internal, and frequently prove difficult to disambiguate and elucidate properly. They may be inclined to circumlocutory tangents and lengthy illustrations that fail to address the intended point completely, sometimes presenting information in an overly vague and ambiguous manner. Many IEIs do not naturally think in a structured fashion, and the introduction of clarity and consistency helps to organize and refocus their jumbled cogitations.

@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.orgMany IEIs suffer from hesitation and uncertainty about the ultimate accuracy of their views. They also may be inclined to assimilate information indiscriminately from an eclectic and sometimes unreliable range of sources, which can in the long run serve to further their confusion. They appreciate a sense of certainty in others; they may appreciate the unfailing assuredness of the beliefs of their SLE duals, whose tenacity and confidence free them from their plaguing doubts.17:05:15
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org It’s not as big as a interest to me as art is its a tool to ground my dreams to reality 17:07:40
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org If I was a Ti user in mbti then the types I whould have to be are Estp,Istp,Infj,Enfj Ni>Se so I can’t be a Estp Fe and Ti are sort of close and my Ni is a lot stronger than my Ti so this boils it down to Infj being the only Ti type I think I could be although if we look at the other functions I think I’m more FiNe(Values within the spectrum of all possibilities)(self based) than NiFe(finds meaning in social structures)(society based) 17:18:02
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org I think most of my Ti behavior is from my role function in mbti (first impressions) seems very stereotypical almost 17:20:13
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org If we look at types through function strength then
Infp is Fi Ni Ne Fe Si Ti Te Se
Infj is Ni Fi Fe Ne Ti Si Se Te
@kibalegoshi:matrix.org@kibalegoshi:matrix.org left the room.17:31:42

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