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26 Jan 2023
@telegram_339624693:t2bot.ioMalteI've searched a bit, but haven't found an answer - why exactly does resize2fs not work with an encrypted (android/fscrypt) partition? Isn't it "just files"?13:48:39
@_discord_229355438301380610:t2bot.iocaleb changed their display name from caleb to click#6667.13:55:49
@_discord_229355438301380610:t2bot.iocaleb changed their display name from click#6667 to caleb.13:56:23
@_discord_229355438301380610:t2bot.iocaleb @malte if you're growing the partition and it's just ext4 with file based encryption, that should work. Shrinking partitions is risky business though, that usually isn't possible no matter what 13:56:24
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@telegram_339624693:t2bot.ioMalteBut thanks14:00:12
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofrancoI installed droidian with halium now the device is frozen in the bootloader is unlocked etc... I can't force restart because even after 15 seconds of pressing the power button it does nothing19:53:16
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofrancohow can force restart it?19:53:22
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofrancoother ways?19:53:23
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofrancooneplus 6t19:53:42
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofrancoI need to use volume up+powerbutton19:55:02
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofranconot powerbutton alone19:55:05
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofrancoI can't boot to fastboot19:56:35
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@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofranconow I can19:57:40
@pippofranco:matrix.orgpippofrancoit was a very strange brick19:57:48
27 Jan 2023
@telegram_339624693:t2bot.ioMalteSometimes, it gets stuck somehow11:11:39
@telegram_339624693:t2bot.ioMalteAnd the a/b doesn't make it easier to figure out where it gets stuck11:12:32
@telegram_339624693:t2bot.ioMalteBut I've never had to resort to edl, I always managed to boot a recovery *somehow*11:12:58
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@_discord_229355438301380610:t2bot.iocaleb @pippofranco you need to hold both volume buttons on the 6T to hard reset it 15:46:57
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28 Jan 2023
@telegram_813052439:t2bot.ioAtlas Zelos joined the room.00:42:13
@telegram_813052439:t2bot.ioAtlas ZelosHi! I'm looking into running postmarketos on my OnePlus 7. It looks like some people managed to get it to boot according to the documentation. Could anyone provide a guide or some help? Plz00:45:30
@_discord_229355438301380610:t2bot.iocaleb heya, yes, it does boot. however not to the point where it's usable for anyone unfortunatly 02:12:05

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