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2 Aug 2020
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@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium hmm so now I'm having a bit of a problem. I use genimage to generate a rauc bundle for our product, but I cannot share the genimage config with anyone because it wouldn't work for them, as I have to indicate path to the keyring and key, which are mine. Which means that my buildroot project can't just run genimage since everyone that clone that project would have a build failure because it tries to use files 11:53:11
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium that aren't thereā€¦ Any advice on how to deal with this ? 11:53:18
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@freenode_rohieb:matrix.orgrohieb Xogium: don't know too much about buildroot, but I think it uses makefiles too? so can you add a make recipe for the keyring file which simply throws a warning notifying the user how to generate the keyring manually? 20:12:09
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogiumrohieb: hmm, not sure. It would still have to be a very specific file name that it expects21:45:23
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogiumbut yep its makefile21:45:38
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogiumwe will be at least 3 for now working on that project21:46:41
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium I'm not too worried about ca.crt, that's standard. But dev keys are the stuff that would need to be a very static name scheme 21:48:37
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogiumotherwise the script that runs genimage will just make the build fail21:49:07
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium I was hoping to make it easy for devs to be able to work on the project by having a CA and them giving me the request files, then I sign those requests and keep their public keys in a way that they can use it in the external buildroot tree we'll be using 21:54:41
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium but that won't work so well because it will expect a precise file name for private and public key of the user, and even a precise file path 21:55:18
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogium external trees in buildroot are a bit like extensions for buildroot that can contain packages, board specific files and new board configs, that sort of stuff, that way you don't dirty the main buildroot tree with your things :p 22:00:42
3 Aug 2020
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4 Aug 2020
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6 Aug 2020
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@_neb_github_=40shoragan=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@shoragan:matrix.org] [rauc/meta-rauc] ChHapp opened pull request #137: rauc: update to v1.4 [open] - https://github.com/rauc/meta-rauc/pull/137 09:47:32
@_neb_github_=40shoragan=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@shoragan:matrix.org] [rauc/meta-rauc] ChHapp synchronize pull request #137: rauc: update to v1.4 [open] - https://github.com/rauc/meta-rauc/pull/137 10:44:38
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@ufechner:matrix.orgufechnerHello, I am working in Delft at ABB on chargers for electric cars and we are starting to use RAUC.17:40:00
@ufechner:matrix.orgufechnerFirst question: We have a boot partition and a rootfs partion, and the rootfs is protected by dm-verity. Can I put both in one bundle? Because installing rootfs needs a custom script.17:41:29
@ufechner:matrix.orgufechner(Well, we have many additional partions, but I wanted to start with a simple question).17:43:02
7 Aug 2020
@_neb_github_=40shoragan=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@shoragan:matrix.org] [rauc/meta-rauc] prashantdivate opened pull request #138: Zeus [open] - https://github.com/rauc/meta-rauc/pull/138 07:07:11
@_neb_github_=40shoragan=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@shoragan:matrix.org] [rauc/meta-rauc] prashantdivate edited pull request #138: Zeus [open] - https://github.com/rauc/meta-rauc/pull/138 07:08:34
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@_neb_github_=40shoragan=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@shoragan:matrix.org] [rauc/rauc] sergeysedoy97 synchronize pull request #615: src/network,src/update_handler: Add Proxy Support [open] - https://github.com/rauc/rauc/pull/615 18:37:18
8 Aug 2020
@ejoerns:matrix.orgejoerns ufechner RAUC supports supports updating multiple partitions with a single bundle, yes. In how does the rootfs update require scripting? If it really does, then an install hook for this slot might be the solution there 08:15:27
@freenode_Xogium:matrix.orgXogiumhello everyone08:20:48

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