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23 Jan 2020
13:12:53@freenode_kpo:matrix.orgkposhoragan: well, dunno what went wrong earlier, now the expand works
13:31:22@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragankpo: hmm, ok
13:42:19@freenode_kpo:matrix.orgkposhoragan: it seems like one of the rauc configs was out of date, without resize=true. Just to be sure - rauc reads the config present on the running system and uses that, or uses config on running system just for installing, and post-install things such as resize are done using config present on the installed system during first boot?
13:43:29@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganrauc has no functionality to do things on first boot
13:44:06@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganso the config in the existing system decides the slot configuration (and whether to resize or not)
13:44:43@freenode_kpo:matrix.orgkpoalright, and the config is read *only* from the running system, e.g. /etc/rauc/system.conf , not from the mounted bundle?
13:45:04@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragansystem.conf is only from the running system (read at service startup)
13:45:21@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganthe manifest (in the bundle) describes the bundle contents
13:45:29@freenode_kpo:matrix.orgkpo aaah, read at the service startup - that's the missing point
13:45:45@freenode_kpo:matrix.orgkpo I didn't reload service after changing /etc/system.conf
13:46:08@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganthe expectation is that the configuration in the systemd.conf is very static
13:46:23@freenode_kpo:matrix.orgkposure, seems reasonable
13:46:36@freenode_kpo:matrix.orgkpothanks a lot shoragan :)
13:47:01@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganinstead of using a ext4 image an resizing, you could also put a tar in your bundle. rauc fill format and then extract the tar
13:58:27@freenode_mcon:matrix.orgmcon shoragan: Ok, thanks, although I doubt they are "compatible". Another, related, question: is there any provision to handle partitions? Partition table will need "restructuring" at a certain upgrade point :(
13:59:37@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganif you have the same contents in your ext4 image and tar file (from your buildsystem), the result should be almost identical
14:00:24@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan as partition changes in a redundant boot setup can't be done without breaking fallback, that's out of scope for rauc
20:49:28@freenode_mcon:matrix.orgmconis there any provision in RAUC to handle versioning? I mean: I have a symmetric setup (+ recovery) and I would like to update the slot if (and only if) current version number is less than the new (in bundle) version number. Is this possible?
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24 Jan 2020
04:22:38@freenode_OnkelUlla:matrix.orgOnkelUllamcon: You can utilize a pre-install handler for that, see https://rauc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/using.html#system-based-customization-handlers .
04:33:28@freenode_OnkelUlla:matrix.orgOnkelUllamcon: It is handed over some environment variables to support you, see https://rauc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference.html#sec-handler-interface .
13:29:52@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganOnkelUlla: mcon was already gone
13:35:42@freenode_OnkelUlla:matrix.orgOnkelUlla Upps... didn't notice. :-/
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25 Jan 2020
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