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the space containing all envs project rooms. envs.net is a minimalist, non-commercial shared linux system and will always be free to use. we are linux lovers, sysadmins, programmer and users who like build webpages, write blogs, chat online, play cool console games and so much more. you wish to join with an small user space? please use the signup form on https://envs.net/signup/. solidarity contributions via cryptocurrencies: BTC: bc1qxtljvxjjcrqt3kn8kl3pnwazny7k34kjxsyy7s ETH: 0xF481f6a7d9b22B3BE5d40A54C833A1C6eEdcdf6938 Servers

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26 Nov 2022
@aleemont:envs.netaleemont set a profile picture.15:45:15
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28 Nov 2022
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiAminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC1769|MSC3189) changed their display name from Aminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC3189) to Aminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC1769|MSC3189).11:58:38
@gravatharg:envs.net@gravatharg:envs.net removed their profile picture.12:05:06
@gravatharg:envs.net@gravatharg:envs.net removed their display name GravaTharg.12:05:06
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29 Nov 2022
@copenhagen_bram:matrix.orgcopenhagen_bram joined the room.02:28:55
@aktina:envs.netaktina set a profile picture.04:09:39
@simonb:element.ioŠimon Brandner [recovering] changed their display name from Šimon Brandner [ill] to Šimon Brandner [recovering].06:54:39
30 Nov 2022
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@mjolnir:envs.netAbuse Management banned @wealth_sensei:matrix.org@wealth_sensei:matrix.org (spam).00:23:02
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1 Dec 2022
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2 Dec 2022
@vcxz:envs.netzxcv changed their profile picture.04:26:46
@vcxz:envs.netzxcv changed their profile picture.04:34:46
@creme:envs.net~creme changed their display name from ~creme to ~creme (absent until 4.12).11:41:57
3 Dec 2022
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4 Dec 2022
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@creme:envs.net~creme changed their display name from ~creme (absent until 4.12) to ~creme.16:14:40
5 Dec 2022
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@purp:envs.netPurple set a profile picture.22:36:11
@purp:envs.netPurple changed their display name from purp to Purp.22:36:24
@purp:envs.netPurple changed their display name from Purp to Purple.22:36:35
6 Dec 2022
@colin:uninsane.orgColin joined the room.06:20:48

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