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17 Jan 2021
@shaorin:matrix.orgshaorini jsut thought i could try. :) did not think i would get anywhere but sence i have this problem on windows too its not linux anyway. :)16:15:00
@shaorin:matrix.orgshaorinthanks for the help. 16:15:14
@shaorin:matrix.orgshaorinwhen i will install later i will do openRC just for.... are there any diffrence when it come to setting up the network. on systemd i did use network-manager16:15:54
@shaorin:matrix.orgshaorini think it used rc-service <name of sercive> start, if i remember right16:16:33
@shaorin:matrix.orgshaorinbut thats about how far i getten 16:16:44
In reply to @deepbluev7:neko.dev
was a nice read. :) hope gentoo will bebome even better in 2021,
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoThe current trend seems good :D16:56:44
@shaorin:matrix.orgshaorinyea i hope i could help in same way later on :)16:58:25
@shaorin:matrix.orgshaorinallways like to learn as much as i can. but knowing nothing makes it harder to help too to make it better16:58:45
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@shaorin:matrix.orgshaoringood night guys see you guys tomorrow :)18:45:58
@draget:matrix.orgDraget When using dracut and a crypt-root, do I need to compile cryptsetup with static and static libs? 21:10:06
@draget:matrix.orgDragetIs this somewhere documented? I am trying to fix my failed dracut system boots.21:10:40
@parona:matrix.orgparonai know that general initramfs documentation says this, as to have less stuff included in the initramfs itself. not sure about dracut needing if it does its thing differently21:12:13
@draget:matrix.orgDragetdracut seems to build a rather comprehensive initramfs - maybe all required libs are in the initramfs. I'll unpack it and explore…21:12:35
@parona:matrix.orgparona like if anything that ldd crypsetups points to is in the initramfs is there, then it should be ok. 21:13:34
@parona:matrix.orgparona * like if anything that ldd crypsetups points to is in the initramfs is there, then it should be ok. 21:13:50
@parona:matrix.orgparonahttps://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Custom_Initramfs#DM-Crypt found the docs about it21:14:28
@draget:matrix.orgDragetcryptsetup is not even in my initramfs… xD21:15:04
@draget:matrix.orgDraget Thanks for the article parona , I have seen it. It is for a custom initramfs. Dracut is supposed to be that one-for-all option. I think it copies all libs along… if it copies the tool. 21:17:37
@draget:matrix.orgDragetdracut, when using the crypt module, should include cryptsetup automatically: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/384296/how-to-add-cryptsetup-to-dracut Interesting why it is not in my initramfs =/21:25:32
@mpoletiek:matrix.orgmpoletiekWish I could help, I went with genkernel22:47:44
@exprofid:matrix.orgExProbitasFiducia Wish I could help I configured my kernel by hand. 23:03:21
18 Jan 2021
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